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Oracle Solaris 11 Accessibility Guide for the GNOME Desktop     Oracle Solaris 11 Information Library
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1.  Introduction to Accessibility

Overview of Accessibility

2.  Using Assistive Technologies

3.  Configuring the Mouse and Keyboard

4.  Using the Keyboard to Navigate the Desktop

5.  Customizing the Appearance of the Desktop

6.  System Administration


Overview of Accessibility

The accessibility features enable people with disabilities to use the software easily and efficiently.

The Oracle Solaris Desktop is easy to use and incorporates many accessibility features. Every supported application and utility in the Oracle Solaris Desktop is designed with accessibility and usability in mind. Users with physical disabilities such as low vision or impaired motor skills can use all of the functionality of the Oracle Solaris Desktop thanks to the customization tools that are available. The customization tools enable you to customize the appearance and behavior of the desktop.

The ability to customize the Oracle Solaris Desktop contributes greatly to the accessibility of the desktop. This guide describes the various customization options available for the desktop.