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Oracle Solaris 11 Accessibility Guide for the GNOME Desktop     Oracle Solaris 11 Information Library
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1.  Introduction to Accessibility

2.  Using Assistive Technologies

Orca Screen Reader and Magnifier

Braille Support

Available Voices

Magnification in Orca

To Enable Orca

Using Orca

Setting Up Orca

Running Orca

Quitting Orca

Orca Configuration GUI

Enabling General Preferences in Orca

Keyboard Layout

Show Orca Main Window

Quit Orca Without Confirmation

Disable gksu Keyboard Grab

Present Tooltips

Speak Object Under Mouse

Start Orca When You Login

Enabling Speech Preferences in Orca

Enable Speech

Speech System and Speech Synthesizer

Voice Settings

Punctuation Level


Table Row Speech

Speak Blank Lines

Speak Multicase Strings as Words

Speak Tutorial Messages

Speak Object Mnemonics

Break Speech Into Chunks Between Pauses

To Speak Child Position

To Speak Indentation and Justification

Progress Bar Updates

Say All By

Enabling Braille Preferences in Orca

Enable Braille Support

Enable Braille Monitor

Enable Abbreviated Role Names

Disable End of Line Symbol

Contracted Braille


Enable Selection Indicator

Enable Hyperlink Indicator

Enabling Key Echo Preferences in Orca

Enable Key Echo

Enable Echo by Character

Enable Echo by Word

Enable Echo by Sentence

Enabling Magnifier Preferences in Orca

Enable Magnifier

Zoomer Settings

Border Settings

Cursor Settings

Cross-hair Settings

Color Settings

Tracking and Alignment Settings

Enabling Key Bindings Preferences in Orca

Orca Modifier Keys

Using the Key Bindings Table

Enabling Pronunciation Preferences in Orca

Text Attributes Page

Using the Orca Keyboard Commands

Using the Desktop Layout Commands

Flat Review Keyboard Commands

Bookmark Keyboard Commands

Miscellaneous Functions

Debugging Keyboard Commands

Using the Laptop Layout Commands

Flat Review Keyboard Commands

Bookmark Keyboard Commands

Miscellaneous Keyboard Commands

Debugging Keyboard Commands

Application-Specific Information

Making Application-Specific Settings

To Enable Braille

Troubleshooting Orca

Desktop Is Unresponsive

Disabling the Screensaver

To Change the PDF Viewer Application

3.  Configuring the Mouse and Keyboard

4.  Using the Keyboard to Navigate the Desktop

5.  Customizing the Appearance of the Desktop

6.  System Administration


Chapter 2

Using Assistive Technologies

The Oracle Solaris Desktop includes the Orca Screen Reader, Magnifier, and Braille Output applications to assist users with a visual impairment in using the desktop.

The desktop applications and utilities in the Oracle Solaris Desktop are also designed with accessibility and usability in mind. However, there are some exceptions where the default applications are not suitable for users with special needs. In these situations, you must change the default application to an application that is suitable for all users.