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Oracle® Data Integrator Java API Reference
11g Release 1 (


Uses of Class

Packages that use OdiException
oracle.odi.domain Root package of Oracle Data Integrator domain concerns, providing commons classes required by sub-packages. 
oracle.odi.domain.project This package contains the Oracle Data Integrator Project implementation. 
oracle.odi.domain.relational Provides classes related to relational structures. 
oracle.odi.impexp This package contains the export and import services for Oracle Data Integrator. 
oracle.odi.impexp.smartie This package contains the smart export and import services for Oracle Data Integrator. 
oracle.odi.interfaces.interactive.exceptions This package contains the exception classes thrown during interactive handling of interface objects in Oracle Data Integrator. 
oracle.odi.runtime.agent.invocation This package contains classes for invoking executions on local or remote Oracle Data Integrator agents. 
oracle.odi.setup Provides classes for ODI master and work repository related operations. 


Uses of OdiException in oracle.odi.domain


Subclasses of OdiException in oracle.odi.domain
 class OdiDomainException
          Abstract root exception for odi domain packages.


Uses of OdiException in oracle.odi.domain.project


Subclasses of OdiException in oracle.odi.domain.project
 class OdiTechnologyAlreadyImplementedException


Uses of OdiException in oracle.odi.domain.relational


Subclasses of OdiException in oracle.odi.domain.relational
 class ColumnNotFoundException
          Deprecated. with no replacement.


Uses of OdiException in oracle.odi.impexp


Subclasses of OdiException in oracle.odi.impexp
 class OdiImportException
          Exception thrown when import of objects in ODI repository fails.
 class OdiImportForbiddenException
          Exception thrown when the import is forbidden.
 class OdiImportNotConsistentSynonymException
          Exception thrown when an import object's identifier is not consistent with the identifier of the object in the repository.
 class OdiImportNotSupportedException
          Exception thrown when trying to import an object under an IImportRoot that doesn't support this object's class.
 class OdiImportReplaceException
          Exception thrown when an import-replace operation fails.
 class OdiImportUserProcedureOverKMException
          This exception prevents the user from updating an OdiUserProcedure with an OdiKM when importing.


Uses of OdiException in oracle.odi.impexp.smartie


Subclasses of OdiException in oracle.odi.impexp.smartie
 class OdiSmartImportException
          Exception thrown when doing smart import of objects into ODI repository fails.


Uses of OdiException in oracle.odi.interfaces.interactive.exceptions


Subclasses of OdiException in oracle.odi.interfaces.interactive.exceptions
 class DuplicateIdException
          Thrown when a duplicate object ids is detected by IdManager.


Uses of OdiException in oracle.odi.runtime.agent.invocation


Subclasses of OdiException in oracle.odi.runtime.agent.invocation
 class InvocationException
          Exception to be thrown when an ODI agent request invocation has failed.


Uses of OdiException in oracle.odi.setup


Subclasses of OdiException in oracle.odi.setup
 class AuthenticationConfigurationSwitchingException
          Exception raised when there is a configuration problem encountered preventing the AuthenticationConfiguration to be switched.
 class InvalidJdbcPropertiesException
          Exception raised if the JdbcProperties is not valid.
 class RepositoryScriptsNotFoundException
          Thrown to indicate the SQL/DDL scripts were not found.
 class RepositorySetupException
          Exception used to report an error during a repository setup like the creation or the upgrade of an ODI repository.


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Oracle® Data Integrator Java API Reference
11g Release 1 (


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