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Oracle® Data Integrator Java API Reference
11g Release 1 (


Uses of Interface

Packages that use IExportable
oracle.odi.domain.model This package contains the Oracle Data Integrator Data Model domain implementation. 
oracle.odi.domain.project This package contains the Oracle Data Integrator Project implementation. 
oracle.odi.domain.runtime.scenario This package contains classes for managing Oracle Data Integrator Scenarios and related objects. This package contains user implementation. 
oracle.odi.domain.topology This package contains the Oracle Data Integrator Topology domain model implementation. 
oracle.odi.impexp This package contains the export and import services for Oracle Data Integrator. Provides classes to allow for running the different types of OracleDI exports and imports. 


Uses of IExportable in oracle.odi.domain.model


Classes in oracle.odi.domain.model that implement IExportable
 class AbstractOdiSubModel
          Abstract base class for sub-models.
 class OdiDataStore
          An OdiDataStore represents a two-dimensional tabular data structure, generally a database table structure.
 class OdiGlobalSubModel
          AbstractOdiSubModel subclass, to manage global ODI submodels.
 class OdiModel
          An OdiModel represents a set of datastores corresponding to data structures contained in a physical schema.
 class OdiModelFolder
          An OdiModelFolder is used to arrange OdiModels.
 class OdiSubModel
          A sub model is a group of functionally homogeneous datastores within a model.


Uses of IExportable in oracle.odi.domain.project


Classes in oracle.odi.domain.project that implement IExportable
 class OdiCKM
          Represents the Control Knowledge Module.
 class OdiFolder
          An OdiFolder is a workbench entity that ODI users will use to organize their work related to a single OdiProject.
 class OdiIKM
          Represents an Integration Knowledge Module.
 class OdiInterface
          An OdiInterface is the main class that implement target datastore feeding, suppling data from several source datastores.
 class OdiJKM
          Represents a journalization knowledge module.
 class OdiKM<L extends OdiProcedureLine>
          Abstract base class that all knowledge modules types subclasses.
 class OdiLKM
          Represents the Loading Knowledge Module.
 class OdiPackage
          Represents an ODI package.
 class OdiProject
          An OdiProject is a top level workbench object in ODI.
 class OdiRKM
          Represents the Reverse Knowledge Module.
 class OdiSequence
          Represents design time metadata about a sequence.
 class OdiSKM
          Represents the Service Knowledge Module.
 class OdiUserFunction
          Represents design time metadata about a customized function that can be used in expressions of other objects such as OdiInterface, OdiUserProcedure.
 class OdiUserProcedure
          Represents the ODI user procedures.
 class OdiVariable
          Represents design time metadata about a variable.


Uses of IExportable in oracle.odi.domain.runtime.loadplan


Classes in oracle.odi.domain.runtime.loadplan that implement IExportable
 class OdiLoadPlan
          An OdiLoadPlan is the root entity of the Load Plan aggregate.


Uses of IExportable in oracle.odi.domain.runtime.lpi


Classes in oracle.odi.domain.runtime.lpi that implement IExportable
 class OdiLoadPlanInstance
          The OdiLoadPlanInstance represents the state of an OdiLoadPlan once it's started.
Its main use is to keep an history of a load plan start, in order to be able to restart it in the same state.


Uses of IExportable in oracle.odi.domain.runtime.scenario


Classes in oracle.odi.domain.runtime.scenario that implement IExportable
 class OdiScenario
          An ODI Scenario is designed to put a source component (interface, package, procedure, variable) into production.


Uses of IExportable in


Classes in that implement IExportable
 class OdiUser
          The OdiUser class contains informations about a user including password and supervisor.


Uses of IExportable in oracle.odi.domain.topology


Classes in oracle.odi.domain.topology that implement IExportable
 class OdiDataServer
          An OdiDataServer is a data server that is defined for a technology into the physical topology of ODI.
 class OdiIndexType
          An OdiIndexType is a domain entity describing a single type of SGBDR index for an ODI technology.
 class OdiPhysicalAgent
          An ODI physical agent, holding metadata about a deployed runtime agent.
 class OdiPhysicalSchema
          An OdiPhysicalSchema is a physical schema defined for a data server into the physical topology of ODI.
 class OdiTechnology
          A technology that is defined within the physical topology provided by ODI.


Uses of IExportable in oracle.odi.impexp


Methods in oracle.odi.impexp with parameters of type IExportable
 void IExportService.exportToXml(IExportable pExportable, java.lang.String pFolderPath, boolean pforceOverwrite, boolean pRecursiveExport, EncodingOptions pEncodingDetails)
          Exports the given object to a XML file.


Uses of IExportable in


Methods in with parameters of type IExportable
 void ExportServiceImpl.exportToXml(IExportable pExportable, java.lang.String pFolderPath, boolean pforceOverwrite, boolean pRecursiveExport, EncodingOptions pEncodingDetails)


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Oracle® Data Integrator Java API Reference
11g Release 1 (


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