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Oracle® WebCenter Content Remote Intradoc Client (RIDC) Java API Reference
11g Release 1 (11.1)


Class IntradocClient

  extended by oracle.stellent.ridc.IdcClient<IntradocClientConfig,IntradocProtocol,SocketConnection>
      extended by oracle.stellent.ridc.protocol.intradoc.IntradocClient

public class IntradocClient
extends IdcClient<IntradocClientConfig,IntradocProtocol,SocketConnection>

The Intradoc implementation of the IDC client. This will communicate via the Content Server IntradocPort (4444) in either plain sockets or SSL sockets. The protocol uses the Content Server HDA format to serialize the DataBinder.

The intradoc client requires the Content Server have the IP address of the client added to the "Trusted Hosts" property. This establishes a trusted connection between the Content Server and the client. The intradoc client does not require a password for any request and therefore the obligation of authentication is pushed into the client application.

The client uses a BlockingQueue object to control the flow of requests to the Content Server; this is configurable, along with other client properties, via the IntradocClientConfig object.

Constructor Summary
IntradocClient(IdcClientManager clientManager, IntradocClientConfig clientConfig)


Method Summary
protected  ConnectionManager<SocketConnection,IntradocClientConfig> createConnectionManager()
          Create the connection manager
protected  IntradocProtocol createProtocol(ServiceRequest<SocketConnection> serviceRequest)
          Create the protocol to handle the request
static SocketConnectionManager getSocketManager(java.lang.String name)
static void registerSocketFactory(java.lang.String name, SocketConnectionManager socketFactory)


Methods inherited from class oracle.stellent.ridc.IdcClient
createBinder, createConnectionPool, createRequest, createResponse, getClientManager, getConfig, getConnectionManager, getConnectionPool, getDataFactory, getVersion, initialize, isCompatible, isInitialized, passAlongECID, sendRequest, setDataFactory, setInitialized, useECID


Methods inherited from class java.lang.Object
clone, equals, finalize, getClass, hashCode, notify, notifyAll, toString, wait, wait, wait


Constructor Detail


public IntradocClient(IdcClientManager clientManager,
                      IntradocClientConfig clientConfig)

Method Detail


public static void registerSocketFactory(java.lang.String name,
                                         SocketConnectionManager socketFactory)


public static SocketConnectionManager getSocketManager(java.lang.String name)


protected ConnectionManager<SocketConnection,IntradocClientConfig> createConnectionManager()
Create the connection manager
Specified by:
createConnectionManager in class IdcClient<IntradocClientConfig,IntradocProtocol,SocketConnection>
a new connection manager


protected IntradocProtocol createProtocol(ServiceRequest<SocketConnection> serviceRequest)
Create the protocol to handle the request
Specified by:
createProtocol in class IdcClient<IntradocClientConfig,IntradocProtocol,SocketConnection>
serviceRequest - the connection object
the protocol handler

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Oracle® WebCenter Content Remote Intradoc Client (RIDC) Java API Reference
11g Release 1 (11.1)


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