What's New in This Guide for Release

For Release, this guide has been updated in several ways. The following table lists the sections that have been added or changed.

For changes made to Oracle JDeveloper and Oracle Application Development Framework (Oracle ADF) for this release, see the New Features page on the Oracle Technology Network at http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/developer-tools/jdev/overview/index.html.

Sections Changes Made

Chapter 3 Using ADF Faces Architecture


Section 3.6, "Determining the User's Current Location"

Section added to describe how to programmatically determine the page a user is currently visiting.

Chapter 8 Organizing Content on Web Pages


Section 8.8.2, "How to Use the showDetailHeader Component"

Section revised to document new headerLevel attribute.

Section 8.10.1, "How to Use the panelHeader Component"

Section revised to document new headerLevel attribute.

Chapter 10 Using Tables and Trees


Section 10.9.1, "How to Export Table, Tree, or Tree Table Data to an External Format"

Section revised to document new attribute for exportCollectionActionListener that controls whether or not content in the detailStamp facet is exported.

Chapter 16 Using Output Components


Section 16.6, "Displaying Images in a Carousel"

Section revised to document the auxiliaryOffset, auxiliaryPopOut, and auxiliaryScale attributes on the carousel component.

Chapter 20 Customizing the Appearance Using Styles and Skins


Section 20.1.1, "ADF Faces Skins"

Section revised to describe new fusionFx-v1.2 skin that includes optimizations for when your application renders in a touch screen device.

Section 20.1.2, "Skin Style Selectors"

Section revised to describe the touch screen capability support that the @agent rule now provides.

Chapter 21 Internationalizing and Localizing Pages


Section 21.3.6, "What You May Need to Know About Overriding a Resource Bundle in a Customizable Application"

Section added to clarify how you configure resource bundles to be customizable.

Chapter 22 Developing Accessible ADF Faces Pages


Section 22.2, "Exposing Accessibility Preferences"

Section revised to correct content.

Chapter 24 Using ADF Graph Components


Section 24.6.1, "Changing the Color, Style, and Display of Graph Data Values"

Section revised to remove obsolete procedure to set seriesObjectCount attribute.

Section 24.6.7, "Customizing Graph Legends"

Section revised to document new positionHint attribute, and image support for bi-directional locales.

Section 24.8.4, "Adding Context Menus to Graphs"

Added section to describe how to create context menus for graphs.

Chapter 25 Using ADF Gauge Components


Section 25.1, "Introduction to the Gauge Component"

Section revised to include image support for bi-directional locales.

Chapter 29 Using ADF Hierarchy Viewer Components


Section 29.1, "Introduction to Hierarchy Viewers"

Section revised to add descriptions of:

  • State management during navigation

  • disclosedRowKey listener

  • Printing hierarchy viewers

  • Bi-directional text

Chapter 33 Using Different Output Modes


Section 33.3.1, "How to Create an Emailable Page"

Section revised to document how to render email page offline.

Appendix A ADF Faces Configuration


Section A.2.3.17, "ADF Faces Caching Filter"

Section revised to add support for Oracle Traffic Director.

Section A.2.3.22, "Graph and Gauge Image Format"

Section added to document oracle.adf.view.rich.dvt.DEFAULT_IMAGE_FORMAT parameter.

Section A.4.4, "Using Content Delivery Networks"

Section added to document how to use Content Delivery Networks with ADF Faces.

Appendix D Creating Web Applications for Touch Devices Using ADF Faces


Appendix D, "Creating Web Applications for Touch Devices Using ADF Faces"

Appendix created to document tablet support in ADF Faces.