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Oracle® Fusion Middleware Developer's Guide for Oracle Service Bus
11g Release 1 (
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Part I IDE Help for Oracle Service Bus

1 Introduction to Oracle Service Bus

2 Tasks

3 Transport Configuration

4 User Interface Reference

Part II XQuery Mapper

5 Introduction

6 Transforming Data Using XQuery Mapper

7 Examples: Data Transformation Using XQuery Mapper

8 Upgrading XQuery Code

Part III Format Builder

9 Introduction

10 Format Builder Main Window

11 Message Format Detail Window

12 Field Detail Window

13 Group Detail Window

14 Reference Detail Window

15 Comment Detail Window

16 Format Builder Options

17 Importing Metadata

18 Format Tester

19 Format Builder Menus

20 How Do I?

21 Using the Palette

22 Format Builder Supported Data Types

Part IV General Development Topics

23 Development Environment Setup

24 Creating and Using Custom XPath Functions

Part V Transports

25 Oracle SOA Suite Transport (SOA-DIRECT)

26 JCA Transport

27 HTTP and Poller Transports

28 SB Transport

29 EJB Transport

30 JEJB Transport

31 JMS Transport

32 Local Transport

33 WS Transport

34 MQ Transport

35 Oracle BPEL Process Manager Transport (for use with Oracle SOA Suite 10g only)

36 Tuxedo Transport

37 DSP and Oracle Data Service Integrator Transport

Part VI Transport SDK

38 Introduction

39 Design Considerations

40 Developing a Transport Provider

41 Developing Oracle Service Bus Transports for Eclipse

42 Transport SDK Interfaces and Classes

43 Sample Socket Transport Provider

44 Deploying a Transport Provider

Part VII Security

45 Introduction

46 Understanding Oracle Service Bus Security

47 Oracle Service Bus Security FAQ

48 Configuring Administrative Security

49 Securing Oracle Service Bus in a Production Environment

50 Configuring Transport-Level Security

51 Securing Oracle Service Bus with Oracle Web Services Manager

52 Using WS-Policy in Oracle Service Bus Proxy and Business Services

53 Configuring Message-Level Security for Web Services

54 Using SAML with Oracle Service Bus

55 Configuring Custom Authentication

56 Message-Level Security with .Net 2.0

Part VIII Appendix

A Transport SDK UML Sequence Diagrams