The data loaders manage the Data Warehouse Loader Repository, which keeps track of the progress of data loading. This repository has three item types, described in the following table:

Item Type



name (string)
entries (set of queueEntry items)


filename (string)
queue (queue item)
creationDate (timestamp)


filename (string)
queue (queue item)
startTimestamp (timestamp)
endTimestamp (timestamp)
status (enumerated; 1 -- “in progress”, 2 – “failed”, 3 –”done”)
statusDetail (string)
owner (string)
recordsProcessed (int)

There is one queue repository item for each queue type tracked in the repository. For example, there is one queue item for the order submission queue, and one for the site visit queue. The queue item for a specific queue is created the first time a log file for the queue is rotated.

The loading process for a specific queue works like this:

To obtain information about loads performed by a specific loader component, view the component in the Component Browser in the Dynamo Admin UI.