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Create a token handler of a Web service security configuration

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Use this page to create a new token handler associated with a Web service security configuration.

One common reason for creating a token handler for a Web service security configuration is to specify that a client invoking a message-level secured Web service uses an X.509 certificate for identity.

Configuration Options

Name Description

The user-specified name of this MBean instance.

This name is included as one of the key properties in the MBean's

MBean Attribute:

Changes take effect after you redeploy the module or restart the server.

Class Name

The fully qualified name of the class that implements a particular credential provider or token handler.

MBean Attribute:

Token Type

Specifies the type of token used for the particular credential provider or token handler.

WebLogic Server supports, by default, three types of tokens: X.509, UsernameToken, and SAML, as specified by the following WS-Security specifications:

  • Web Services Security: Username Token Profile

  • Web Services Security: X.509 Token Profile

  • Web Services Security: SAML Token Profile

To specify one of these out-of-the-box types, use these values respectively: "ut", "x509", or "saml".

MBean Attribute:

Handling Order

Specifies the order in which the token handlers execute on a given token.

If you do not specify an order, it is determined by the order in which you added the token handlers.

MBean Attribute:

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