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JMS Messages: View Details

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Use this page to view the details and contents of a JMS message.

Monitoring Options

Name Description
Message ID

A unique identifier for the message.

Delivery Mode

The delivery mode is either Persistent or Non-Persistent.


The message type, such as BytesMessage, TextMessage, StreamMessage, ObjectMessage, MapMessage, or XMLMessage.

Correlation ID

A user-defined identifier for the message, often used to correlate messages about the same subject


The time the message arrived on the destination.


The expiration, or time-to-live value, for a message.


An indicator of the level of importance or urgency of the message, with 0 as the lowest priority and 9 as the highest. Usually, 0-4 are gradients of normal priority and 5-9 are gradients of expedited priority. Priority is set to 4 by default.


Indicates whether the message was redelivered or not.

Delivery Time

The earliest absolute time at which a message can be delivered to a consumer.

Redelivery Limit

The number of redelivery tries a message can have before it is moved to an error destination.


Every JMS message contains a standard set of header fields that is included by default and available to message consumers. Some fields can be set by the message producers.


The message content.

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