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SNMP Proxies: General

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Use this page to provide the information that this WebLogic Server SNMP agent needs to forward (proxy) requests from SNMP managers to an SNMP agent.

The agent forwards only the requests whose OIDs are under the OID root that you specify on this page.

You cannot use a WebLogic Server SNMP agent as a proxy for SNMP agents in other WebLogic Server domains. For example, WebLogic domainA's SNMP agent cannot proxy requests to domainB's SNMP agent. This limitation is in effect because all WebLogic SNMP agents use the same MIB root.

Configuration Options

Name Description

The name of this proxy configuration.

Enter a name that describes the agent that the requests will be forwarded to, such as "SQLDBAgent."

MBean Attribute:

Changes take effect after you redeploy the module or restart the server.


The port number on which this proxied SNMP agent is listening.

MBean Attribute:

Minimum value: 0

Maximum value: 65535

OID Root

The root of the object identifier (OID) tree that this proxied SNMP agent controls.

MBean Attribute:


The community name to be passed on for all SNMPv1 requests to this proxied SNMP agent.

If you specify a security name for this proxied agent, the WebLogic SNMP agent ignores this community name. Instead, the agent encodes the security name in an SNMPv3 request and forwards the SNMPv3 request to this proxied agent.

MBean Attribute:


The number of milliseconds that the WebLogic Server SNMP agent waits for a response to requests that it forwards to this proxy agent.

If the interval elapses without a response, the WebLogic SNMP agent sends an error to the requesting manager.

MBean Attribute:

Minimum value: 0

Security Name

The user name on whose behalf the WebLogic SNMP agent forwards v3 requests. If not specified, the request is forwarded as a v1 request.

If you specify a security name, you must also specify a security level that is equal to or lower than the security level that is configured for communication between the WebLogic SNMP agent and SNMP managers. For example, if the WebLogic SNMP agent requires incoming SNMPv3 requests to use the authentication protocol but no privacy protocol, the security level for this proxy must be either Authentication Only or None. Note that if you want to use the authorization or privacy protocols, you must configure credential mapping in the WebLogic Server security realm.

The WebLogic SNMP agent cannot forward or pass through the credentials that are contained in SNMPv3 requests from SNMP managers. Instead, the agent authenticates and performs other security operations on incoming requests, and then constructs a new request to forward to a proxied agent.

MBean Attribute:

Security Level

The security level that the proxied SNMP agent expects for the specified security name.

MBean Attribute:

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