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Monitoring Dashboard

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Use the Monitoring Dashboard to graphically present the current and historical operating state of WebLogic Server and hosted applications. The Monitoring Dashboard provides a set of tools for organizing and displaying diagnostic data into views, which surface some of the more critical run-time and historical WebLogic Server performance metrics and the changes in those metrics over time.

A view is a collection of one or more charts that display runtime MBean attributes with numeric or Boolean values that are useful to measure, either as their current values or as their changes over time. These values, referred to in the Monitoring Dashboard as metrics, originate from one or more runtime MBean instances from one or more servers in the domain. Each chart in a view contains a legend, labels, and controls for identifying and displaying metrics.

A view can display metrics from two sources:

The Monitoring Dashboard also includes the Metric Browser. You use the Metric Browser to select the specific MBean types, instances, and attributes (i.e., metric) that you want to display in a chart for a selected server.

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