3.3. Verifying the Sun Ray Software Plug-in

This procedure verifies that Enterprise Manager is properly monitoring the plug-in target. You should wait a few minutes for the plug-in to start collecting data before verification.

  1. Log in to Enterprise Manager Cloud Control as sysman or as a user that has the appropriate privileges.

  2. From the Targets menu, select All Targets.

  3. On the All Targets page, click the Target Name that you want to verify. This is the Target Name you created in Section 3.2, “Adding Instances for Monitoring”.

    The Sun Ray server home page is displayed. You can use the Search Target Name field to help you filter the list.

  4. From the Sun Ray Software menu in the upper-left, select Monitoring, and then select All Metrics.

    You should be able to view the Sun Ray Software metrics being monitored in the left-hand pane, as shown in Figure 3.1, “Sun Ray Software Plug-in All Metrics Page”

    Figure 3.1. Sun Ray Software Plug-in All Metrics Page

    Screenshot showing the All Metrics page for the Sun Ray Software plug-in.