This document provides a description about the Oracle System Monitoring plug-in for IBM DB2 Database, details on the versions the plug-in supports, prerequisites for installing the plug-in, and step-by-step instructions on how to download, install, verify, and validate the plug-in.


This document is intended systems and database administrators tasked with monitoring IBM DB2 Database through Enterprise Manager Cloud Control.

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What's Changed

This table provides a brief overview of the document changes for the latest publication of the Oracle Enterprise Manager System Monitoring Plug-in Installation Guide for IBM DB2 Database:

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E25215-06 Updated with new features for this release. See What's New in This Release for details.

Updated the Prerequisites section with required patch information.

Updated the screen shot examples in Discovery of the IBM DB2 Database Target chapter.

Updated the content in the IBM DB2 Database Plug-in Reports and Metrics chapter.

Added new content for Inventory and Usage Details.