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Oracle® Enterprise Manager Cloud Control Administrator's Guide
12c Release 1 (

Part Number E24473-01
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Part I Administration

1 Adding Targets

2 Incident Management

3 Notifications

4 Metric Extensions

5 Administration Groups and Template Collections

6 Group Management

7 Job System and Corrective Actions

8 Compliance

9 Enterprise Manager Cloud Control Mobile

10 Information Publisher

11 Enterprise Manager Security

12 Sizing Your Enterprise Manager Deployment

13 Enterprise Configuration Management

14 Configuration Comparisons, Templates, and Rules

15 Custom Configurations, Parsers, and Rules

16 Enterprise Manager Diagnosability

17 Updating Cloud Control

18 Patching Enterprise Manager

19 Configuring Software Library

20 Monitoring Using Web Services and JMX

21 Configuring Services

22 Identity Management

23 Lifecycle Management

24 Starting and Stopping Enterprise Manager Components

25 Locating and Configuring Enterprise Manager Log Files

26 Maintaining and Troubleshooting the Management Repository

27 Maintaining Enterprise Manager

28 Discovering and Managing Exadata Targets and Systems

29 Using Active Reports

30 Using Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud

31 Installation to Support Real-time Configuration Change Monitoring

Part II Enterprise Manager High Availability

32 Setting Up Enterprise Manager High Availability

33 High Availability Solutions

34 Configuring Monitoring for Enterprise Manager High Availability

35 Backing Up Enterprise Manager

36 Enterprise Manager Outages