88 Process Batch Invoices

This chapter contains these topics:

After you review and revise your batch invoices, you must process them to create invoices in the A/R ledger.


From Accounts Receivable (G03), enter 27

From A/R Advanced and Technical Operations (G0331), choose Batch Invoice Processing

From Batch Invoice Processing (G03311), choose Batch Invoice Processing

88.1 Submitting Invoices for Processing

When you are ready to process your batch invoices, submit the batch. Batch Invoice Processing processes batch invoices in proof or final mode.

In proof mode, the system:

  • Verifies the data

  • Produces an exceptions report, if errors exist

In final mode, the system:

  • Creates invoices in the A/R Ledger table (F0311) and associated journal entries in the Account Ledger table (F0911)

  • Assigns document and batch numbers

  • Supplies information you leave blank

  • Verifies invoice entries for errors

  • Produces an exceptions report, if errors exist

Alternatively, you can use processing options to automatically perform the following in final mode:

  • Post invoices to the A/R ledger

  • Post journal entries to the general ledger

  • Purge posted and processed invoices from the Invoice Transactions - Batch (F0311Z1) and Journal Entry Transactions - Batch (F0911Z1) tables

88.2 Verifying Batch Invoice Information

When the system cannot process a batch invoice, it lists the invoice on an exceptions report. Use this report to verify your batch invoice information.

The system produces this report in proof mode, prior to final processing.

Figure 88-1 Batch File Entry report

Description of Figure 88-1 follows
Description of ''Figure 88-1 Batch File Entry report''

In the above example, the invalid batch file action shows that the transaction code has changed to C. This code should always be A.

The following abbreviated column headings are used:

Heading Description
TT EDI Transaction Type

Identifies the type of transaction:

V – Voucher

D – Debit memo

I – Invoice

J– Journal Entry

TC EDI Transaction Code

Identifies how the system should process a transaction during final processing:

A – Add new transaction

D – Delete an unprocessed transaction

C – Change an unprocessed transaction

PR EDI Successfully Processed

Indicates if a record has successfully processed:

0 – Unprocessed record

1 – Processed record

88.2.1 What You Should Know About

Topic Description
Default Discount Handling You can specify a default value for the Discount Handling field if it is the invoice file as blank. Select a code in processing option 4 to set one of the following Discount Handling flags:

0 – Use Payment Terms

1 – Use Discount Override Amount

2 – Use Percentage

88.3 Revising Batch Invoices

If you find an error in a batch invoice, correct it before final processing. If the source of the invoice is not a JD Edwards World system, you should purge the records before you transmit the corrected invoice. This will prevent duplicate records.

To revise batch invoices

  1. Do one of the following:

    • Change the invoice at its source and re-transmit the batch to the JD Edwards World Accounts Receivable system

    • Update the individual batch record on Batch Invoice Revisions

  2. Submit your batch invoices for processing again.

88.3.1 What You Should Know About

Topic Description
Revising processed batch invoices Use standard invoice entry to revise an invoice processed in final mode.

See Also:


Before you transmit records the second time, purge the Invoice Transactions - Batch (F0311Z1) and the Journal Entry Transactions Batch (F0911Z1) tables to prevent duplicate records.

88.4 Posting Batch Invoices

After processing your batch invoices, post them to the general ledger.

To post batch invoices

Do one of the following:

  • Submit the post using Post Invoices to G/L

  • Set the appropriate processing options for the Batch Invoice Processing program to automatically post your invoices after processing

88.4.1 Processing Options

See Section 114.2, "A/R Invoice Batch Processing (P03110Z)" for more information.