86 Review Batch Invoices

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After you transfer invoices from an external source, you might want to verify them before you process them.


From Accounts Receivable (G03), enter 27

From A/R Advanced and Technical Operations (G0331), choose Batch Invoice Processing

From Batch Invoice Processing (G03311), choose Batch Invoice Review

Batch invoice information is stored in the Invoice Transactions - Batch (F0311Z1) and Journal Entry Transactions - Batch (F0911Z1) tables.

86.1 Reviewing Batch Information

After you transfer invoices, you can review specific information about the batch. For example, you might want to verify the number of invoices in a batch for a specific date.

To review batch information

On Batch Invoice Review

Figure 86-1 Batch Invoice Review screen

Description of Figure 86-1 follows
Description of ''Figure 86-1 Batch Invoice Review screen''

  1. Display all batch invoices entered by all users or complete the following fields to display specific invoices:

    • User ID

    • Batch Number

  2. To further limit the invoices displayed, complete one or more of the following fields:

    • Processed

    • From Date

    • Thru Date

    • Transaction Number

    • Address Number

Field Explanation
User ID The source of the transaction. This can be a user ID, a workstation, the address of an external system, a node on a network, and so on. This field helps identify both the transaction and its point of origin.
Batch Number The number that the transmitter assigns to the batch. During batch processing, the system assigns a new batch number to the JD Edwards World transactions for each control (user) batch number it finds.
Processed An indicator to mark records as successfully processed through the batch processing system. After a record has been marked as processed, it can no longer be updated through the batch processing program.

Valid values are:

0 – Unprocessed only

1 – Processed and unprocessed

From Date The beginning date in the date range. This is the date starting with which you want the system to display information.

Form-specific information

Enter the beginning date of the batches you want to review. This is the date that the transactions were entered into the batch input table, regardless of the original source or the method of transfer.

Transaction Number This is the number that an Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) transmitter assigns to a transaction. In a non-EDI environment, you can assign any number that is meaningful to you to identify a transaction within a batch. It can be the same as a JD Edwards World document number.
Thru Date The ending date in the date range. This is the date through which you want the system to display information. If you leave this field blank, the system uses the current period.

86.2 Reviewing Batch Invoice Detail

When viewing information about your batch invoices, you might want to see the customer number and accounting distributions associated with an invoice. To do so, review the detail of the invoice.

To review batch invoice detail

On Batch Invoice Review

  1. Locate the necessary batch invoice information.

  2. Choose the Transaction Detail option next to the appropriate invoice to access Batch Invoice Entry.

Figure 86-2 Batch Invoice Revision screen

Description of Figure 86-2 follows
Description of ''Figure 86-2 Batch Invoice Revision screen''

86.2.1 What You Should Know About

Batch Invoice Review and Batch Invoice Revisions are different versions of the same program (P0301Z1). A processing option controls which screen is displayed upon entry, the batch information or the invoice information.

86.2.2 Processing Options

See Section 114.1, "Batch Invoice Entry (P0301Z1)" for more information.