41 Identify Inactive Addresses

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41.1 Identifying Inactive Addresses


From Address Book (G01), enter 27

From A/B Advanced and Technical Operations (G0131), choose Identify Inactive Addresses

Unless you purge transaction files regularly, you probably have address book records that are inactive, but are not eligible to purge because they are associated with transaction records that reside in your system. Additionally, you might want to ensure that no additional transactions are entered for these address book records.

You run the Identify Inactive Addresses report (P01951) to identify those address book records that have not been used for transaction processing for a time-frame that you specify (for example, 36 months) so that you can purge transactions in corresponding files and ultimate purge the address book record.

Processing options allow you to:

  • Print a report of the inactive addresses according to the criteria you specify.

  • Print a report of the inactive addresses and update the Inactive Code field (XAB) to 1 in the Address Book Master file (F0101).

  • Print a report of inactive addresses and update both the Inactive Code (XAB) and Deletion Flag (FC05) to 1 in the Address Book Master file (F0101).

    Using this processing option allows you to select records to purge based on the value of the Deletion Flag, instead of manually entering address book numbers. Updating the Deletion Flag does not necessarily make the address book record eligible to purge; the record must still meet the requirements of the Address Book Purge program (P01800).

When you run P01951, the program checks for activity in each of the following files based on the time frame you specify:

  • F0150 - Organizational Structure

  • F41001 - Inventory Constants

  • F01133 - PPAT Message Distribution

  • F0411 - A/P Ledger

  • F0413 - A/P Matching Documents

  • F0311 - A/R Ledger

  • F4211 - Sales Order Detail File

  • F4311 - Purchase Order Header File

  • F0902 - Account Balances

  • F5201 - Contract Billing Master File

  • F1501 - Tenant/Lease Master

  • F4801 - Work Order Master File

  • F06116 - Employee Master

  • F08901 - Participant File

  • F0010 - Company Constant

  • F4450 - Lot Proceed Entry

  • F01017 - Related Addresses

  • F045143 - 1099 A/P Workfile

  • F4008 - Tax Areas

  • F4104 - Item Cross Reference File

  • F41061 - Supplier/Catalog Price File

  • F4106 - Base Price File

41.1.1 Identify Inactive Addresses Report

Figure 41-1 Identify Inactive Address Report

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