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1 Overview to Address Book and Electronic Mail

Part I Address Book Maintenance

2 Overview to Address Book Maintenance

3 Enter Address Book Records

4 Locate Address Book Records

5 Audit the Address Book System

Part II Auxiliary Address Book Information

6 Overview to Auxiliary Address Book Information

7 Enter and Maintain Multiple Addresses

8 Enter Socio-Economic Information

9 Enter Related Addresses

10 Enter User Reserved Information

11 Working with Address Book Email and URL Addresses

Part III Address Book Reports and Mailing Labels

12 Overview to Address Book Reports and Mailing Labels

13 Print Reports by Address and Who's Who

14 Print Mailing Labels

15 Print the Check for Duplicates Report

16 Print the Socio-Economic Report

17 Create the Address Book Reporting File

Part IV System Setup

18 Overview to System Setup

19 Set Up Constants for Address Book

20 Set Up Country Constants for Address Book

21 Set Up Postal Codes for Address Book

22 Set Up User-Defined Codes for Address Book

23 Set Up Next Numbers

24 Set Up State-Province Country Codes for Address Book

25 Set Up Consolidation Codes

26 Work with Parent/Child Relationships

Part V Address Book Supplemental Data

27 Overview to Address Book Supplemental Data

28 Define Supplemental Data

29 Enter and Copy Supplemental Data

30 Change Data Types

31 View Supplemental Data

32 Work with Supplemental Data Reports

Part VI Address Batch Processing

33 Overview to Address Batch Processing

34 Review Address Batches

35 Work with Address Batches

36 Process Address Batches

37 Purge Address Batches

Part VII Updates and Purges

38 Overview to Updates and Purges

39 Update Category Codes

40 Create and Update the Search Word File

41 Identify Inactive Addresses

42 Purge Records

Part VIII Electronic Mail

43 Overview to Electronic Mail

44 Work with Employee Mailboxes

45 Work with Messages

46 Work with Message Features

47 Work with Bulletin Boards

48 Assign E-Mail User Defined Codes

Part IX Processing Options

49 Address Book Maintenance Processing Options

50 Address Book Reports and Mailing Labels Processing Options

51 System Setup Processing Options

52 Auxiliary Address Book Information Processing Options

53 Parent/Child Relationships Processing Options

54 Address Book Supplemental Data Processing Options

55 Address Batch Processing - Processing Options

56 Updates and Purges Processing Options

57 Electronic Mail Processing Options

58 Z File Processing Options

A Batch Input Setup

B Address Book Consolidation

C Import Mass Data into Address Book