Oracle E-Business Suite User's Guide


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Getting Started with Oracle E-Business Suite

Getting Started

HTML-Based Applications

Using HTML-Based Applications
Querying and Viewing Data
Entering Data
Scheduling Requests and Request Sets
Monitoring Requests
Using Attachments

Forms-Based Applications

Using Forms-Based Applications
The Forms Toolbar
Entering Data in Forms
Searching for Data
Customizing the Presentation of Data
Running Reports and Programs
Monitoring Requests
Viewing Request Output
Exporting Records to a File
Oracle E-Business Suite Attachments
Defining Preferences with User Profile Options

Enterprise Command Centers

Overview of Enterprise Command Centers
Using Enterprise Command Centers
Highlights of an Enterprise Command Center
      Oracle Enterprise Command Center Dashboard
      Data Load Details
      Page Layout
      Side Navigation
      Selected Refinements
      Saved Search
      Available Refinements Overview
      Dashboard Components
      Common Features

Using Help

Getting Help
Searching For Help

Oracle E-Business Suite Accessibility Features

      Enabling Accessibility Features for the HTML-Based Interface
      Keyboard Interaction in the HTML-Based Interface
      Accessibility in Forms-Based Applications
      Keyboard Interaction in the Oracle Enterprise Command Center Dashboards