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Oracle E-Business Suite User's Guide
Release 12.2
Part Number E22956-13
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Oracle E-Business Suite User's Guide


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Getting Started with Oracle E-Business Suite

Getting Started

HTML-Based Applications

Using HTML-Based Applications
Querying and Viewing Data
Entering Data
Scheduling Requests and Request Sets
Monitoring Requests
Using Attachments

Forms-Based Applications

Using Forms-Based Applications
The Forms Toolbar
Entering Data in Forms
Searching for Data
Customizing the Presentation of Data
Running Reports and Programs
Monitoring Requests
Viewing Request Output
Exporting Records to a File
Oracle E-Business Suite Attachments
Defining Preferences with User Profile Options

Using Help

Getting Help
Searching For Help

Oracle E-Business Suite Accessibility Features

      Enabling Accessibility Features for the HTML-Based Interface
      Look and Feel of the HTML-Based Interface
      Keyboard Interaction in the HTML-Based Interface
      Accessibility in Forms-Based Applications