Oracle Trading Community Architecture User Guide


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Introduction to Oracle Trading Community Architecture
      Customers Overview
Oracle Customer Data Management
Using Oracle Trading Community Architecture

Bulk Import

Bulk Import Overview
Loading Data into the Interface Tables
      Interface Tables
Import Batch to TCA Registry
      Import Batch De-Duplication Report
      Import Process
      Import Address Validation
      Matching Records with Source System Management
      Import Validations
      Postimport Processes
Resolving Import Errors
TCA Import Batch Purge

Customer Interface

Customer Interface
Preparing for Import
Interface Data Required to Run Customer Interface
System Tables Updated by Customer Interface
A Sample Customer Import
Creating Unique Customer References
Importing Customers Using Customer Interface
Customer Interface Transfer Report

Third Party Data Integration

Third Party Data Integration Overview
Introduction to D&B
      Data Products
      Business Information Report (BIR)
      Data Elements
Source System Management Impact
Mapping of D&B Data Elements
Details on Creating Parties with D&B Information
Online Purchasing
      Process Overview
      Searching for Existing Parties in the TCA Registry
      Searching for Companies in the D&B Database
      Selecting Data Products or BIRs
      Requesting D&B Investigations
      Mapping API Utility
      Load D&B Data
Batch Loading
      Process Overview
      Generate Request List for D&B Batch Load
      Transferring a Request List File to D&B
      D&B Import Adapter
Loading Rationalized Legacy Data
Viewing Information from Data Sources
      Subtabs of Information
Duplicate DUNS Report
DNB Global Data Products Request Report

Locations and Phones

Locations Overview
Address Formatting
Real-Time Address Validation
Batch Address Validation
eLocations Spatial Data Integration
      Spatial Information for Locations Batch Update
Generate Time Zone for Locations
Generate Time Zone for Phone Numbers

Relationship Manager

Relationship Manager Overview
Relationships Overview
      Relationship Characteristics
Major Features
Party Relationship Management Process
Searching for Parties and Viewing Results
Viewing Relationships
Creating Relationships
Editing Relationships
Viewing Relationship Hierarchies
      D&B Hierarchy
      Updating Relationships by Moving Parties in a Hierarchy

Batch Duplicate Identification

Batch Duplicate Identification Overview
Defining Duplicate Identification Batches
Reviewing Duplicates and Creating Merge Batches
Submitting Merge Batches

Party Merge

Party Merge Overview
Party Merge Details
Party Merge Example
Duplicate Checking
Impact on Source IDs
Impact on D&B Data
Creating Merge Batches
Merging Parties
      Merging Party Sites
      Merging Party Relationships
      Merging Organization Contacts
      Viewing Profile Information
Merging Party Sites of a Party
Processing Merge Batches
Reviewing the Party Merge Log
      Identifying Types of Errors
Party and Customer Account Merge

Customer Merge

Merging Customers
      Tax Validation for Merge
Merging Sites for the Same Customer
Merging Different Customers
Submitting the Merge Process
Customer Merge Execution Report
Reviewing Merged Customers

Introduction to Oracle Resource Manager

Overview of the Oracle Resource Manager
Oracle Resource Manager Integrations
Terms and Definitions
Resource Manager Rules for HTML

Overview of Using Oracle Resource Manager

Accessing Oracle Resource Manager Interface
Summary of Oracle Resource Manager Tasks

Managing Employee Resources

Viewing Resource Information
Defining Your Personal Information
Viewing Your Organizational Structure
Defining Your Skill Rating
Viewing a Resource's Skill Ratings
Making a Resource Web Available

Managing Group Resources

Viewing Your Group Membership Information
Defining Your Group Membership Information
Defining Group Hierarchy
Viewing Group Hierarchy
Viewing Your Group Membership History

Searching for Resources Groups and Teams

Performing a Simple Search
Performing an Advanced Search

Reports and Processes

Customizing Trading Community Architecture

Trading Community Architecture User-Personalizable Pages

Customizing Resource Manager

Resource Manager User-Personalizable Pages

Standard Navigation Paths

Standard Navigation Paths