Oracle Depot Repair Implementation Guide


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Introduction to Oracle Depot Repair

What is Oracle Depot Repair?
Oracle Depot Repair Key Features
Business Process Flows
Integration with Other Oracle Modules
Business Function Impacts

Overview of Setting Up

Setting Up Oracle Depot Repair
Related Applications Setup
Key Implementation Decisions
Implementation Starting Point
Implementation Checklist
WIP and Task Mode Setup Considerations
Considerations for Related Applications Setup

Oracle Depot Repair Command Center Setup

Setting Up Depot Repair Command Center
Setup and Configuration Steps
Configuring Descriptive Flexfields for Search
Loading Depot Repair Data
Setting Profile Options for Depot Repair Command Center

Oracle Depot Repair-Specific Setup Steps

Completing the Prerequisite Setups
Setting Up Charges for Oracle Depot Repair
Defining Billing Type Codes
Mapping Billing Type Codes to Billing Categories
Defining Service Activities and Billing Types
Defining Service Business Processes
Defining Installed Base Transaction Sub Types
Setting Up Time and Material Labor Schedules
Setting Up Service Types
Setting Up Defaulting Rules
Setting Up Service Bulletins
Setting Up Statuses, Status Transitions, and Service Type Transitions
Setting Up Service Request Types for Depot Repair
Setting Up Depot Repair Reason Codes
Setting Up Customer Profiles
Setting Up Diagnostic Codes in Oracle Depot Repair
Setting Up Service Codes in Oracle Depot Repair
Setting Up Service Code Recommendations
Defining Oracle Depot Repair Lookup Codes
Setting Up Oracle Depot Repair Profile Options
Setting Up Message Action Codes
Setting Up Serial Reservations
Setting Up Aging Threshold
Setting Up Quality Threshold
Setting Up Defect Codes
Setting Up Recall Status
Setting Up Recalls
Setting Up Eco-Impact Threshold
Setting Up Region Geographies
Setting Up Return Stream Reasons
Setting Up Material Disposition Reasons
Setting Up Internal Requisitions and Internal Sales Orders
Setting Up Supplier Warranty
Setting Up Returns Portal Parameters
Using the Return Portal for eClaims
Setting Up Return Types
Setting Up Activity Rules
Managing Users
Login Interfaces
Roles, Responsibilities, and Permissions
Creating Oracle Depot Repair Users
Charges and Service Types Setup Example
Setting Up Transfer Install Base Ownership
Integrating with Advanced Pricing
Using Time Clock Bin
Using Complete Work Button
Using Request Parts Button

Oracle Depot Repair Public APIs

Depot Repair Public Packages

Oracle Depot Repair Lookup Codes

Depot Repair Types (CSD_REPAIR_TYPES)
Repair Type Reason (CSD_REASON)
Repair Mode for the Depot Repair Processes (CSD_REPAIR_MODE)
Repair Approval Status (CSD_APPROVAL_STATUS)
Repair Event (CSD_EVENT)
Estimate Billing Type (CSD_EST_BILLING_TYPE)
Estimate Reject Reasons (CSD_REJECT_REASON)
Product Transaction Action Codes (CSD_PRODUCT_ACTION_CODE)
Product Transaction Action Type (CSD_PROD_ACTION_TYPE)
Product Transaction Status (CSD_PRODUCT_TXN_STATUS)
Repair Order Transaction Status (CSD_RO_TXN_STATUS)
Units of Measure (CSD_UNIT_OF_MEASURE)
Repair Job Statuses (CSD_WIP_JOB_STATUS)
Recall Flow Statuses (CSD_RECALL_FLOW_STATUS)

Oracle Depot Repair Update Programs

Depot Repair Receipt Update
Depot Repair Job (WIP) Update
Depot Repair Shipment Update
Depot Repair Business Intelligence Update
Depot Repair XMLP Estimate Report
Depot Repair Purge Message Stack

Oracle Depot Repair Workflows

Using Workflow to Auto-close Service Orders