Oracle Sales Contracts Implementation and Administration Guide


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Introduction to Oracle Sales Contracts

Oracle Sales Contracts - Overview
Sales Contract Life Cycle
      Establishing Contract Standards
      Authoring and Negotiating Contracts
      Approving and Signing Contracts
      Managing Contracts
Oracle Sales Contracts Business Flows
      Authoring and Negotiating Long Term Agreements
      Negotiating Quotes for One-Time Orders
      Negotiating Orders Through iStore
Key Features Supporting Business Flows
      Contract Terms Library
      Contract Terms Authoring
      Microsoft Word Synchronization
      Contract Deviations Report
      Contract Expert
      Contract Document Management
      Contract Repository
      Sales Contracts Workbench

Implementation Considerations

Installation Verification
Oracle Sales Contracts Dependencies
      Mandatory Dependencies
      Conditional Dependencies
Implementation Considerations
      Oracle Order Management
      Oracle Quoting
      Oracle iStore

Implementation Overview

Process Description
Implementation Task Sequence

Setting Up Oracle Sales Contracts

Setting Up Operating Units
Implementing Multiple Organizations Access Control
Setting Up Profile Options
Setting Up Approvers and Approval Workflow
Setting Up Lookup Codes
Enabling Keyword Search
Setting Up Layout Templates
Setting Up AutoNumbering
Setting Up Value Sets
Setting Up Numbering Schemes
Setting Up Function Security
Migrating Clauses to Contract Terms Library
Setting Up Contract Expert Rules
Defining Transaction Types in Oracle Order Management
Associating Layout Template to Transaction Types
Customizing Contract Terms RTF Stylesheet
Defining Processing Constraints
Setting Up Contract Repository
Setting Up Contracts Workbench

Contract Terms Library Administration

Managing Standard Clauses
Creating Standard Clauses
Defining Related Clauses
Assigning Clauses to Folders
Approving Clauses
Managing Clauses Across Operating Units
Searching for Clauses
Contract Clause Analysis Report
Managing Changes to Standard Clauses
Importing Clauses
Managing Contract Templates
Creating Contract Templates
Adding Sections and Clauses
Validating Templates
Previewing Templates
Approving Templates
Searching for Templates
Viewing Template Clauses
Managing Changes to Contract Templates
Defining Global Templates
Viewing Contract Expert Rules
Managing Variables
Creating Variables
Searching for Variables
Displaying Clauses Using a Variable
Managing Changes to Variables
Managing Sections
Creating Sections
Searching for Sections
Updating Sections
Managing Folders
Creating Folders
Searching for Folders
Managing Changes to Folders
Considerations for Using Sections, Folders, and Clause Types

Contract Expert Administration

Managing Questions
Creating User Questions
Searching for Questions
Updating Questions
Managing Constants
Creating Constants
Searching for Constants
Updating Constants
Managing Rules
Creating Rules
Searching for Rules
Activating Rules
Disabling Rules
Updating Rules
Managing Question Sequence
Creating Dependencies Between Questions
Using Contract Expert on Business Documents
Considerations for Creating Contract Expert Rules

QA Validations

Validations - Overview
Contract Templates Validations
Contract Expert Validations
Business Documents Validations
Repository Validations


Workflows - Overview
Contract Terms Library

Concurrent Programs

Concurrent Programs - Overview
Contract Terms Library
Contract Expert

Seed Data

Document Types
Layout Template
System Variables

Lookup Codes

Lookup Codes

XML Reference

Contract Terms XML Reference

Sample Variable for PL/SQL Procedure Source Type

Sample for PL/SQL Procedure Source Type