Oracle Proposals User Guide


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Introduction to Oracle Proposals

Oracle Proposals Key Features
Oracle Proposals Integrations
      Oracle Product Integrations
      Third Party Integrations

Overview of Using Oracle Proposals

Logging In to Oracle Proposals in Self Service Mode
Accessing the Proposals page
Accessing the Oracle Proposals Administrator Interface
Summary of Oracle Proposals Tasks
      Administrator Proposal Creation Overview
      User Proposal Creation Overview

Configuring Oracle Proposals

Template Categories
Defining Quoting and Proposals Dynamic Fields
      Dynamic Fields: Proposal and Quote Pages
Setting Up User Defined Dynamic Fields
      Creating User Defined Dynamic Fields
      Inserting Dynamic Fields in RTF Files
      Editing Dynamic Fields
      Deleting Dynamic Fields
Setting Up Proposal Components
      Creating Proposal Components
      Editing Components
      Deleting Components
Setting Up Proposal Templates
      Multi-Language Functionality
      Create Proposal Template
      Editing Proposal Templates
      Allowing Users to Add External Files to Proposals Created from the Proposal Template
      Adding Components to Proposal Templates
      Removing Components from Proposal Templates
      Changing Component Order in Proposal Templates
      Changing Default Document and Mandatory Attributes
      Publishing Proposal Templates
      Deleting Proposal Templates
Working with Proposal Templates from Campaign Activities
      Associating Proposal Templates in Campaign Activities
      Viewing Proposal Templates associated with Campaign Activities
      Deleting Proposal Templates associated with Campaign Activities
      Unpublishing Proposal Templates associated with Campaign Activities
RTF Files Overview
      RTF 1.8 Support
      Creating RTF Files Guidelines
      Dynamic Field Structure in RTF Files
Other Administrative Tasks
      Setting Profile Options
      Creating Proposals Using Unpublished Templates
      Concurrent Program for Offline Generation

Accessing Proposals

Accessing Proposals from the Proposals Page
Accessing Proposals from Other Applications

Creating and Deleting Proposals

Overview of Creating Proposals
Creating Proposals
      Creating Proposals in Oracle Proposals
      Creating a Proposal from a Quote
      Creating a Proposal from an Opportunity
      Creating a Proposal from a Customer
      Creating a Proposal from a Lead
Deleting Proposals

Working with Proposals

Personalizing, Generating, and Maintaining Proposals
Proposal Content Tab
      Personalizing Components
      Adding Components
      Excluding Components
      Changing the Order of Components
      Working with Quotes as Components
      Adding Supporting Documents
      Generating Proposals
Generated Documents Tab
      Working with a Generated Proposal
      Sending a Proposal
      Viewing Generated Proposal Details
      Deleting a Generated Proposal
Correspondence Tab
Sales Team Tab
Notes and Tasks Tab

Seed Data

Seeded Data
Seeded Dynamic Fields
      Proposal Dynamic Fields - General
      Proposal Dynamic Fields - Sales Representative
      Proposal Dynamic Fields - Customer
      Quote Dynamic Fields - Header: General
      Quote Dynamic Fields - Header: Customer
      Quote Dynamic Fields - Header: Pricing
      Quote Dynamic Fields - Header: Contract
      Quote Dynamic Fields - Header: Payment
      Quote Dynamic Fields - Header: Attachment
      Quote Dynamic Fields – Header: Shipment
      Quote Dynamic Fields - Lines: General
      Quote Dynamic Fields - Lines: Pricing
      Structure Dynamic Fields

Dynamic Field Structure in RTF Files

RTF Representation of a Quote
Example of a Quote in an RTF File
Quote Related Dynamic Field Scenarios
Control Structure Rules
Example of RTF Document with Dynamic Fields
Common Errors

Creating Java Program Dynamic Fields

Database Connection/Transaction
      Reusing the same database connection
      Creating new database connection
      View Object
      Registering Your Java Program
      Java Program in Generated Proposal Versions
      Sample Code Program

Permissions for Oracle Content Manager

Seeded Folders
Create Folder
Add File from Desktop flow
Uploading an Associated Version Flow
Browse and Search Folders and Library Categories