Oracle Complex Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul Implementation Guide


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Oracle Complex Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul Overview

Overview of Oracle Complex Maintenance Repair and Overhaul
      Maintaining Complex Configurations
      Effectively Planning Enterprise-Wide Operations
      Optimizing Maintenance Execution
      Centrally Managing All Engineering Data
Oracle CMRO Module Overview
      Automatic Visit Scheduling and Auto-Packaging
      Route Management
      Document Index
      Enigma Integration
      Fleet Maintenance Program
      Master Configuration
      Unit Configuration
      Product Classification
      Unit Maintenance Plan
      Visit Work Package
      Production Planning
      Outside Processing for Work Orders
      Outside Processing for Inventory Service Orders

Setting Up

Getting Started
Oracle CMRO Implementation Checklist
Setting Up Oracle CMRO
Setting Up Other Related Oracle Applications
      Setting Up an Organization
      Setting Up Oracle Inventory
      Setting Up Oracle Bills of Material (BOM)
      Setting Up Oracle Warehouse Management
      Setting Up Oracle Purchasing
      Setting Up Oracle Advanced Planning and Scheduling
      Setting Up Oracle Order Management
      Setting Up Oracle Projects
      Verifying and Updating the Project Created in the CMRO Visit Work Package
      Setting Up Oracle Enterprise Asset Management
      Setting Up Oracle Service
      Setting Up Oracle Contracts
      Setting Up Oracle Installed Base
      Setting Up Oracle Counters
      Overview of Counter Setups for CMRO Items
      Setting Up Oracle Counters for CMRO Items
      Resetting Counters
      Setting Up Oracle Quality
      Setting Up Route and Operation Quality Plans
      Setting Up Job Deferral, MRB Disposition Quality, Non-Routine Job Inspection and Non-Routine Operation Inspection Plans
      Setting Up Counter Readings Quality Plans
CMRO Specific Setups
      Oracle Complex Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul Standard Setup
      Oracle CMRO Approval Workflow Setup
Oracle CMRO Module Setup
      Setting Up Automatic Visit Scheduling and Auto-Packaging
      Defining Service Categories
      Defining Flight Categories
      Defining Visit Type Lookups
      Defining Visit Type Profiles
      Defining Primary Maintenance Requirements
      Defining Maintenance Organizations Used in Auto Visit Planning
      Defining Maintenance Departments
      Setting Up Complex Assembly Maintenance
      Prerequisites for Complex Assembly Maintenance
      Setting Up Document Index
      Setting Up Route Management
      Setting Up Master Configurations
      Setting Up Unit Configurations
      Setting Up Fleet Maintenance Program
      Setting Up the Unit Maintenance Plan
      Setting Up Visit Work Package
      Setting Up Planning Module
      Setting Up Production
      Setting Up Inventory Service Order Outside Processing
      Administrative Setup
      Setting Up Enigma Integration
      Setting Up Supplier Warranty

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