Oracle Channel Rebate and Point-of-Sale Management Implementation Guide


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Implementing Channel Rebate

      Customer Accounts
Implementing Org-Striping
      Using Operating Units
      Org-Striping in Offers, Budgets, and Pricelists
      Org-Striping in Quota Allocations and Account Manager Dashboard
Setting Profile Options
      Profile Options for Budgets Category
      Profile Options for the System Defaults Category
      Profile Options for the Trade Planning Category
      Profile Options for User Interface Defaults Category
Setting Up Quotas
      Set Up Quota Allocations and Alerts
      Set Up Territories for Quota Allocations
      Set Up Quota Allocations
      Setting System Profiles to Select Amount or Quantity
      Setting System Profiles for Currency, Unit of Measure, and Conversion Type
      Set Up Threshold Rules for Quota Related Alerts
Setting Up Budgets
      Basic Setups
      Creating Business Units for Budgets
      Verifying Business Unit Creation
      Setting Up Multiple Currencies for Budget
      How Budgets Use Operating Units
      Associating a Ledger with a Budget
      Budget Creation
      Setting Up Budget Categories
      Setting Up Budget Thresholds
      Associating General Ledger Accounts with Budget Adjustment Types
      Budget Approval
      Setting Up Budget Approval Rules
      Creating Budget Approval Rules
      Creating Budget Status Transition Rules
      Budget Allocation
      Allocating Budget on Prior Year Sales
      Setting Up Top-down and Bottom-up Budgeting
      Budget Utilization and Adjustment
      Validating the Budget Offer
      Calculating Accruals
      Accrual Components
      Volume Offer Rebate Calculation
      Adding a Discount Table
      Creating Multiple Discount Tables for a Volume Offer
      Using the Budget Adjustment and Utilization Public API
      Setting Up Budget Adjustment Types
      Setting Up Recalculated Committed
      Budget Security, Reporting, and Reconciliation
      Setting Up Budget Security
      Setting Up the Customer Budget View
      Setting Up Budget Roll-up Views
      Setting Up Budget Reconciliation
Setting Up Customer Accounts
      Setting up the Account Manager Dashboard
      Using Account Planning
      Personalizing the Dashboard
      Setting Up Promotional Forecasting
      Setting Up Directory Object
      Setting Up Territories in Oracle Territory Management
      Setting Up Products in Oracle Inventory
      Setting Up Trade Mediums and Activities
      Setting Up Lookups and Profiles
      Creating Baseline Sales Data File
      Creating Promotional Lift Factors Data File
      Loading Data into the Baseline Sales Interface
      Setting Up Budget Utilization Views
      View by Dimensions
      Cross Drill Downs
      Setting Up Retail Price Capture
      Defining Retail Attributes and Store Conditions
      Defining Store Tracking Conditions
      Assigning Stores to Territories
      Editing Retail Store List
      Setting Up Activity Summary and Offer Evaluator
Setting Up Offers
      Basic Setups
      Configuring Offer Payout
      Setting Up Offer Theme Approval
      Setting Up General Ledger Postings
      Setting up Funding Sources
      Setting Up Custom Beneficiary
      Offer Adjustment
      Setting Up Backdating
      Reversing Earnings
      Implementing Forecasts for Offers
      Setting up Other Costs for ROI Calculator
      Setting Up Budget-Offer Validation
      Offer Types
      Setting Up Volume Offers
      Point of Sales Qualifiers for Volume Offers
      Budget Integration for Volume Offers
      Setting up Scan Data Offers
      Setting Up Lump Sum Offers
      Setting Up Net Accrual Offers
      Setting Up Net Accrual Rules
      Creating and Verifying Net Accrual Rule Sets
      Using Subledger Accounting for Defining Account Derivation Rules for Offers

Implementing Point-of-Sale Management

Implementing Org-Striping
Setting Point-of-Sale Profile Options
Setting System Parameter Defaults
Implementing Data Import and Processing
      Data Imports
      Loading Data Using WebADI
      Setting Up XML Gateway
      Data Processing
      Configure Trade Profiles
      Setting Up DQM Integration
      Mapping Acquisition Attributes to Table Column Names
      Code Conversion
      Import Cross References Using WebADI
      Business Events and Subscription
Setting Up Third Party Accrual API Import
      Running the Third Party Accrual Import Programs
Implementing Special Pricing Requests
      Setting Up Notifications
      Data Quality Management (DQM)
      Setting Up Approvers in Oracle Approvals Management
      Dependent Setups
      Interaction with Other Modules
Implementing Soft Fund Requests
      Setting Up a Soft Fund as a Benefit
      Dependent Setups
      Interaction with Other Modules
      Seeded Data for Soft Fund Requests
Implementing Volume Offers
      Creating a Volume Offer
      Point of Sales Qualifiers


Creating New Lookup Types
Channel Rebate Lookups
Point of Sales Lookups

Business Events and Flexfields

Creating Subscriptions Business Events
Defining Segment Values for Flexfields

Concurrent Programs

Running Concurrent Programs
Concurrent Programs for Channel Rebate
Concurrent Programs for Point-of-Sale Management
Executing Concurrent Programs
Scheduling Sequence for Concurrent Programs

Seeded User Statuses

Seeded User Statuses for Channel Rebate
User Status Limitations