Oracle E-Business Suite Upgrade Guide


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Overview of the Upgrade

Upgrade and Requirements
Understanding the Upgrade Flow and Process
Scheduling Time for an Upgrade
Testing the Upgrade

Understanding Upgrade Impact and Changes

Understanding Technical Impact and Changes
Understanding Business Impact and Functional Changes
      Financials Upgrade Impact
      Human Resource Management Upgrade Impact
      Supply Chain Management Upgrade Impact
      NLS Upgrade Considerations
      General Information and Required Tasks

Planning and Performing Pre-Upgrade Tasks

Planning Oracle E-Business Suite 12.2 Deployment Architecture
      Technology Stack Components
      System Software, Patch Level, and Networking Requirements
      Hardware Requirements
      CPU, Memory, and Disk Space Requirements
      Database and Application Tier Sizing Guidelines
      General Sizing Guidelines for the Database and Application Tier
      JVM Parameter Settings for Java on WLS Web Tier
      Example Upgrade
      Advanced Configuration
Preparing Customizations
      Database Object Development Standards for Oracle E-Business Suite System Schema Migration
      Customizing Help Files
      Schemas Not Used by Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12.2
Preparing External Integrations
Preparing Third-Party Integrations
EBS 12.2 Upgrade Readiness Checker - Database Tier (EURC-DT)

Performing the Upgrade

Preparing the Database for the Upgrade
Preparing the Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12.2 File System
Performing Mandatory Preparatory Tasks
Setting Up the Stage Area
      Creating the Stage Area
      Stage Area Structure
Creating the Upgrade File System
Preparing the System for Upgrade
Customer Relationship Management Tasks
Financials and Procurement Tasks
Human Resource Management (HRMS)
Supply Chain Management Tasks
Database and System Administration Tasks
Performing the Upgrade to Release 12.2.0
Finishing the 12.2.0 Upgrade
Enabling Online Patching
Database Initialization Parameters
Upgrading to the Latest Code Level

Performing Post-Upgrade Tasks

Database and System Administration Tasks
Financials and Procurement Tasks
Customer Relationship Management Tasks
Human Resources Tasks
Projects Tasks
Oracle Fusion Project Management and Oracle E-Business Suite Projects Coexistence
Supply Chain Management Tasks
Backing Up Oracle E-Business Suite
Secure Configuration
System Maintenance Tasks
Oracle XML Publisher Tasks
Post-Upgrade Steps of Oracle E-Business Suite Release Update Pack for Release 12.2
Mandatory Post-Upgrade Steps for All Upgrade Customers
Additional Tasks

Managing Concurrent Processes

Isolate Post Upgrade Concurrent Programs to a Separate Manager Queue
Sample Concurrent Programs