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Oracle Solaris 11.1 Desktop Administrator's Guide     Oracle Solaris 11.1 Information Library
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1.  Administering the Oracle Solaris Desktop

2.  Managing User Preferences With GConf

3.  Customizing Menus

4.  Installing Themes

5.  Customizing Fonts

6.  Working With MIME Types

7.  Managing Screensavers

8.  Managing Sessions

9.  Overview of the Yelp Help Browser

10.  Improving the Performance of the Oracle Solaris Desktop System

11.  Disabling Features in the Oracle Solaris Desktop System

12.  Working With the X Window System

X Window System Overview

Understanding the X Server Process

Working With X Servers

Working With X Clients

Configuring an X Server in Oracle Solaris

Working With Xorg Configuration Files

Working With SMF Configuration Properties

Working With HAL fdi Files

Accessing X11 Display

Providing Other User Accounts With Access to Your Display

Displaying a Client From a Remote Machine

Setting Up Remote Desktop Access Using VNC

How to Set Up VNC to Provide a Guest Graphical Login

How to Start VNC Manually

A.  Hidden Directories



Working With X Clients

X clients are applications that are displayed on an X server. X clients consist of one or more window managers and other applications. The X clients can run on the same system as an X server or run on a different system. The X Window System allows you to run any number of clients simultaneously. The following table lists some of the X clients.

X Clients
The Window Manager is responsible for the look and feel of the X Window System. The Window Manager provides the title bar, shaped windows, icon management, user-defined macro functions, click-to-type and pointer-driven keyboard focus.

Some of the common Window Managers in the Oracle Solaris Desktop are:

  • Metacity Window Manager

  • Compiz Window Manager

  • Tab Window Manager

For more information, see the metacity(1) and twm(1) man pages.

Standard terminal emulator for the X Window System. You can open multiple terminal windows and run multiple applications simultaneously.

For more information, see the xterm(1) man page.

Display manager for the X Window System. xdm manages the X displays on local and remote servers.

For more information, see the xdm(1) man page.

Scientific calculator for the X Window System.

For more information, see the xcalc(1) man page.

Displays the time in analog or digital form.

For more information, see the xclock(1) man page.

User preference utility for the X Window System. The xset utility is used to set various user preference display options.

For more information, see the xset(1) man page.

Utility to display all characters in an X font. The xfd utility creates a window containing the name of the font being displayed, a row of command buttons, several lines of text for displaying character metrics, and a grid containing one glyph per cell.

For more information, see the xfd(1) man page.