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Oracle Solaris 11.1 Desktop Administrator's Guide     Oracle Solaris 11.1 Information Library
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1.  Administering the Oracle Solaris Desktop

2.  Managing User Preferences With GConf

3.  Customizing Menus

Menus Overview

Working With Menu Definition Files

Working With Directory Entry Files

Working With Desktop Entry Files

Editing Menus

Adding and Modifying System Menus

How to Add a Menu

How to Add an Item to a Menu

How to Edit the Properties of a Menu

How to Edit a Menu Item

How to Delete an Item From a Menu

Creating and Modifying User Menus

Merging Menus

Merging User and System Menus

4.  Installing Themes

5.  Customizing Fonts

6.  Working With MIME Types

7.  Managing Screensavers

8.  Managing Sessions

9.  Overview of the Yelp Help Browser

10.  Improving the Performance of the Oracle Solaris Desktop System

11.  Disabling Features in the Oracle Solaris Desktop System

12.  Working With the X Window System

A.  Hidden Directories



Menus Overview

The Oracle Solaris Desktop implements menus according to the XDG menu specification. By supporting this specification, the Oracle Solaris Desktop enables you to:

The menus in the Oracle Solaris Desktop use the following file components: