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Connecting Systems Using Fixed Network Configuration in Oracle Solaris 11.1     Oracle Solaris 11.1 Information Library
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1.  Overview of Fixed Network Configuration

2.  Configuring a System for the Network

3.  Working With Datalinks

Basic dladm Commands

Displaying General Information About Datalinks (dladm)

Displaying a System's Datalinks (dladm show-link)

Displaying Physical Attributes of Datalinks (dladm show-phys)

Deleting a Datalink (dladm delete-phys)

Renaming a Datalink (dladm rename-link)

Customizing Datalink Properties

Overview of Datalink Properties

Enabling Support for Jumbo Frames

Modifying Link Speed Parameters

Setting the STREAMS Module on Datalinks

Setting the e1000g Driver to Use Direct Memory Access Binding

Manually Setting the Interrupt Rate

Obtaining Status Information About Datalink Properties

Displaying Datalink Properties (dladm show-linkprop)

Displaying Ethernet Property Values (dladm show-ether)

Other Configuration Tasks With the dladm Command

How to Switch Primary Interfaces on a System

How to Replace a Network Interface Card With Dynamic Reconfiguration

4.  Working With IP Interfaces

5.  Configuring Wireless Networking on Laptops Running Oracle Solaris

A.  Comparison Map: ifconfig and ipadm Commands

B.  Comparison Map: ndd and ipadm Commands


Chapter 3

Working With Datalinks

This chapter discusses the dladm command and explains how to use the command on datalinks to display their current configuration, change the default values of their properties, or delete datalinks from the system. The following topics are discussed: