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Connecting Systems Using Fixed Network Configuration in Oracle Solaris 11.1     Oracle Solaris 11.1 Information Library
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1.  Overview of Fixed Network Configuration

2.  Configuring a System for the Network

3.  Working With Datalinks

4.  Working With IP Interfaces

Basic ipadm Commands

Removing an IP Interface Configuration (ipadm delete-ip)

Disabling an IP Interface Configuration (ipadm disable-ip)

Removing an Interface's Address (ipadm delete-addr)

Setting IP Interface Properties

Enabling Packet Forwarding

Setting IP Address Properties

Setting TCP/IP Protocol Properties

Enabling Packet Forwarding Globally

Setting Up a Privileged Port

Implementing Symmetric Routing on Multihomed Hosts

Implementing Traffic Congestion Control

Changing the TCP Receive Buffer Size

Monitoring IP Interfaces and Addresses

Obtaining General Information About IP Interfaces

Obtaining Information About IP Interfaces

Obtaining Information About IP Interface Properties

Obtaining Information About IP Addresses

Obtaining Information About IP Address Properties

5.  Configuring Wireless Networking on Laptops Running Oracle Solaris

A.  Comparison Map: ifconfig and ipadm Commands

B.  Comparison Map: ndd and ipadm Commands


Chapter 4

Working With IP Interfaces

This chapter discusses the ipadm command and explains how the command is used on IP interfaces. For an overview of the ipadm command and its benefits, see ipadm Command.

The following topics are discussed: