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Connecting Systems Using Fixed Network Configuration in Oracle Solaris 11.1     Oracle Solaris 11.1 Information Library
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1.  Overview of Fixed Network Configuration

2.  Configuring a System for the Network

3.  Working With Datalinks

4.  Working With IP Interfaces

5.  Configuring Wireless Networking on Laptops Running Oracle Solaris

A.  Comparison Map: ifconfig and ipadm Commands

B.  Comparison Map: ndd and ipadm Commands


Appendix A

Comparison Map: ifconfig and ipadm Commands

The ipadm command has replaced the ifconfig command for the purpose of configuring network interfaces. Although the ifconfig command is still functional in Oracle Solaris 11, the ipadm command is the preferred tool for networking configuration. However, some ifconfig options do not have equivalent in ipadm subcommands. The following table lists selected command options of the ifconfig command and their equivalents in the ipadm command.

Note - The table does not provide a comprehensive list of ipadm options. For a full list, see theipadm(1M) man page.

Table A-1 Syntax Mapping Between the ifconfig and ipadm Commands

ifconfig Command
ipadm Command
ipadm create-ip

ipadm create-vni

ipadm create-ipmp

ipadm enable-addr

ipadm delete-ip

ipadm delete-vni

ipadm delete-ipmp

ipadm disable-addr

[address[/prefix-length] [dest-address]] [addif address[prefix-length]] [removeif address[prefix-length]][netmask mask][destination dest-address]{auto-dhcp|dhcp}[primary][wait seconds]extend | release | start
ipadm create-addr

ipadm create-addr -T dhcp

ipadm create-addr -T addrconf

ipadm delete-addr

ipadm refresh-addr

[deprecated | -deprecated] [preferred | -preferred] [private | -private] [zone zonename | -zones | -all-zones][xmit | -xmit]
ipadm set-addprop

ipadm reset-addprop

ipadm show-addprop

ipadm up-addr
ipadm down-addr
[metric n] [mtu n] [nud | -nud] [arp | -arp] [usesrc [name | none] [router | -router]
ipadm set-ifprop

ipadm show-ifprop

ipadm reset-ifprop

[ipmp] [group [name | ""]] standby | -standby] [failover | -failover]
ipadm create-ipmp

ipadm delete-ipmp

ipadm add-ipmp

ipadm remove-ipmp

ipadm set-ifprop -p [standby] [group]

[interface] [-a]

ipadm show-if

ipadm show-addr

[tdst tunnel-dest-addr] [tsrc tunnel-srcs-addr] [encaplimit n| -encaplimit] [thoplimit n]
[auth_algs authentication algorithm] [encr_algs encryption algorithm] [encr_auth_algs encryption authentication algorithm]
[auth_revarp] [ether [address]] [index if-index] [subnet subnet-address] [broadcast broadcast-address] [token address/prefix-length]

DHCP options – inform, ping, release, status, drop

Equivalent subcommands currently unavailable.
modlist] [modinsert mod_name@pos] [modremove mod_name@pos]
Equivalent subcommands currently unavailable.