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Managing Oracle Solaris 11.1 Network Performance     Oracle Solaris 11.1 Information Library
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1.  Introduction to Network Performance Management

2.  Using Link Aggregations

3.  Working With VLANs

4.  Administering Bridged Networks (Tasks)

5.  Introduction to IPMP

6.  Administering IPMP (Tasks)

Maintaining Routing While Deploying IPMP

How to Define Routes While Using IPMP

Configuring IPMP Groups

How to Plan an IPMP Group

How to Configure an IPMP Group That Uses DHCP

How to Manually Configure an Active-Active IPMP Group

How to Manually Configure an Active-Standby IPMP Group

Maintaining IPMP

How to Add an Interface to an IPMP Group

How to Remove an Interface From an IPMP Group

How to Add IP Addresses

How to Delete IP Addresses

How to Move an Interface From One IPMP Group to Another IPMP Group

How to Delete an IPMP Group

Configuring Probe-Based Failure Detection

Requirements for Choosing Targets for Probe-based Failure Detection

Configuring Probe-Based Failure Detection (Task Map)

How to Select Which Failure Detection Method to Use

How to Manually Specify Target Systems for Probe-Based Failure Detection

How to Configure the Behavior of the IPMP Daemon

Monitoring IPMP Information

Customizing the Output of the ipmpstat Command

Using the ipmpstat Command in Scripts

7.  Exchanging Network Connectivity Information With LLDP

8.  Working With Data Center Bridging Features in Oracle Solaris

9.  Edge Virtual Bridging in Oracle Solaris

10.  Integrated Load Balancer (Overview)

11.  Configuring Integrated Load Balancer

12.  Managing Integrated Load Balancer

13.  Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol (Overview)

A.  Link Aggregation Types: Feature Comparison

B.  Link Aggregations and IPMP: Feature Comparison


Chapter 6

Administering IPMP (Tasks)

This chapter provides tasks for administering interface groups with IP network multipathing (IPMP) in the Oracle Solaris 11 release.

This chapter covers the following topics:

Note - The tasks in this chapter describe how to configure IPMP using the ipadm command, which replaces the ifconfig command that is used in Oracle Solaris 10 and previous releases. To find out more about how these two commands map to each other, see Appendix A, Comparison Map: ifconfig and ipadm Commands, in Connecting Systems Using Fixed Network Configuration in Oracle Solaris 11.1.

Oracle Solaris 11 also introduces a new conceptual model for IPMP. For a detailed explanation, see How IPMP Works.