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Managing Oracle Solaris 11.1 Network Performance     Oracle Solaris 11.1 Information Library
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1.  Introduction to Network Performance Management

2.  Using Link Aggregations

3.  Working With VLANs

4.  Administering Bridged Networks (Tasks)

5.  Introduction to IPMP

6.  Administering IPMP (Tasks)

7.  Exchanging Network Connectivity Information With LLDP

8.  Working With Data Center Bridging Features in Oracle Solaris

9.  Edge Virtual Bridging in Oracle Solaris

10.  Integrated Load Balancer (Overview)

11.  Configuring Integrated Load Balancer

Installing ILB

Enabling ILB

How to Enable ILB

Configuring ILB

How to Configure ILB

Disabling ILB

How to Disable ILB

Importing and Exporting Configurations

Configuring ILB for High-Availability (Active-Passive Mode Only)

Configuring ILB for High-Availability Using the DSR Topology

How to Configure ILB to Achieve High-Availability by Using the DSR Topology

Configuring ILB for High-Availability Using the Half-NAT Topology

How to Configure ILB to Achieve High-Availability by Using the Half-NAT Topology

12.  Managing Integrated Load Balancer

13.  Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol (Overview)

A.  Link Aggregation Types: Feature Comparison

B.  Link Aggregations and IPMP: Feature Comparison


Importing and Exporting Configurations

The ilbadm export subcommand exports the current ILB configuration to a user-specified file. This information can then be used as input for the ilbadm import subcommand.

The ilbadm import subcommand deletes the existing configuration before importing unless specifically instructed to retain it. Omission of a file name instructs the command to read from stdin or write to stdout.

To export an ILB configuration, use the export-config command. The following example exports the current configuration into the file, /var/tmp/ilb_config, in a format suitable for importing by using the import subcommand:

# ilbadm export-config /var/tmp/ilb_config

To import an ILB configuration, use the import-config command. The following example reads the contents of the file, /var/tmp/ilb_config, and overrides the existing configuration:

# ilbadm import-config /var/tmp/ilb_config