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Writing Device Drivers     Oracle Solaris 11.1 Information Library
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Writing Device Drivers

October 2012

Writing Device Drivers provides information on developing drivers for character-oriented devices, block-oriented devices, network devices, SCSI target and HBA devices, USB devices, and SR-IOV devices for the Oracle Solaris operating system. This book discusses how to develop multithreaded reentrant device drivers for all architectures that conform to the Oracle Solaris OS DDI/DKI (Device Driver Interface, Driver-Kernel Interface). A common driver programming approach is described that enables drivers to be written without concern for platform-specific issues such as endianness and data ordering.Additional topics include hardening Solaris drivers; power management; driver autoconfiguration; programmed I/O; Direct Memory Access (DMA); device context management; compilation, installation, and testing drivers; debugging drivers; and porting Solaris drivers to a 64-bit environment.