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Product Overview

Getting Started with CORBA

Introducing Oracle Tuxedo ATMI

CORBA Sample Applications

Guide to the CORBA University Sample Applications

CORBA Technical Articles

ATMI Tutorials




CORBA Programming

Creating CORBA Server Applications

Creating CORBA Client Applications

Server-to-Server Communication

Request-Level Interceptors

Notification Service

Using Security in CORBA Applications


ATMI Programming
C Programming

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COBOL Programming

FML Programming

/Q Component

Workstation Component

Using TxRPC

Using Security in ATMI Applications

Using Oracle Tuxedo ATMI on Windows


Setting Up an Oracle Tuxedo Application

Administering an Oracle Tuxedo Application at Run Time

Using the Oracle Tuxedo Domains Component

Scaling, Distributing, and Tuning CORBA Applications


CORBA Programming Reference

Command Reference

ATMI COBOL Function Reference

ATMI C Function Reference

ATMI FML Function Reference

File Formats, Data Descriptions, MIBs, and System Processes Reference

Oracle Jolt Javadoc

XML Parser API Documentation

System Messages


Oracle Jolt

Using Oracle Jolt

Using Oracle Jolt with Oracle WebLogic Server

Oracle SNMP

SNMP Agent Administration Guide

SNMP Agent MIB Reference

Oracle Tuxedo .NET Workstation Client

Using Tuxedo .NET Workstation Client

Tuxedo .NET Workstation Client API Documentation