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Sun Network QDR InfiniBand Gateway Switch

Product Notes for Firmware Version 2.0

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1.  Sun InfiniBand QDR Gateway Switch Product Notes

Known Problems

General Information and Issues

Reserved VLAN Identifiers

Jumbo Frames

Subnet Manager

Snapshot Dataset Information

Software Information and Issues

Main Board, Management Controller, and Chassis Serial Numbers

High Availability in Partitions

Email Alert Rules

Time Zone Support

Firmware Update Considerations

Host Software and Firmware

Symbol Errors on Internal Ports

Commands Available to Restricted Linux Shells

Hardware Information and Issues

Ethernet Support

Number of LAGs

Unusable Ports

Documentation Information and Issues

smpartition Command Guidelines

VNIC Configuration on Linux Hosts in Gateway Manual Mode

Corrections to Creating Virtual I/O Adapters (Oracle Solaris)

Set Up VIOAs (Oracle Solaris)

Configure IP Addresses on the Data Link (Oracle Solaris)

SNMP V3 Protocol Passwords

Features and Functionality Documented

Acquire the BXOFED Software

Acquire the ConnectX-2 Firmware

Upgrading the Gateway Firmware

Acquire the Gateway Firmware Package (CLI)

Upgrade the Gateway Firmware (CLI)

Software Information and Issues

Main Board, Management Controller, and Chassis Serial Numbers

The gateway documentation describes how to retrieve the chassis serial number using the showfruinfo command or the /SYS/MB Oracle ILOM target. These methods actually display the serial number of the main board and the management controller respectively, and not the gateway chassis. The gateway chassis serial number is provided on the pull-out tab on the left side front of the gateway chassis, adjacent to power supply 0.

High Availability in Partitions

To allow communication fail-over between HCAs belonging to the same operating system instance, the HCA ports must be members of the same partition and have identical membership type (full or limited).

Having both full and limited port memberships within a partition for the same operating system instance creates a configuration instability that might cause subtle communication problems.

Email Alert Rules

You must specify the value of the email_custom_sender property of an email alert rule, because the alert does not use the custom_sender property of the /SP/clients/smtp target.

Time Zone Support

The following time zones are only supported in firmware versions 1.3.4, 2.0.7-2, and 2.0.8-1. If you upgrade or downgrade to a firmware version other than 1.3.4, 2.0.7-2, or 2.0.8-1 you must set an alternative time zone.

Firmware Update Considerations

If you are going to downgrade the firmware to a version earlier than 2.0, you must remove user partitions and depopulate the Subnet Manager nodes list. Refer to Gateway Administration, removing partitions for firmware downgrade.

If you are going to downgrade from firmware 2.0.x to 1.3.4_1 or earlier, you might see these type of messages in the /var/log/message file after the downgrade:

lda: Unknown config parameter: ErrLogCount=100; .

lda: Unknown config parameter: ErrLogTimeInterval=100; .

The ErrLogCount and ErrLogTimeInterval configuration parameters introduced in firmware 2.0.x are unknown to firmware version 1.3.4-1 and earlier LDAs. The LDA logs these messages and ignores them from there on. The messages appear once per LDA startup and are harmless.

If you later upgrade from firmware 1.3.4-1 to 2.0.x and the ErrLogCount and ErrLogTimeInterval configuration parameters are absent, the 2.0.x LDA uses the compiled default values. Consequently, no LDA messages regarding these configuration parameters are recorded.

Host Software and Firmware

To configure and use VNICs from an InfiniBand host, the host must have the following software and firmware installed:

Both of these software packages are available from Oracle.

Symbol Errors on Internal Ports

When starting the gateway or when restarting the Bridge Manager (bxm), there might be 65535 symbol errors on the internal links between the I4 switch chip and the BridgeX chips. These errors are identified in hardware commands such as getportcounters or in InfiniBand commands such as ibdiagnet.

Workaround: Manually reset the error counters using the following commands:

# getportcounters 1 -R; getportcounters 2 -R; getportcounters 3 -R; getportcounters 4 -R

Commands Available to Restricted Linux Shells

Typing help all within either the /SYS/Switch_Diag, /SYS/Gateway_Mgmt, or /SYS/Fabric_Mgmt restricted Linux shells lists the commands available to those shells.

In the output, the checkguidfilesftree command is listed, however, the command is not supported.

Conversely, the fdconfig command is not listed in the output, but is supported by the /SYS/Fabric_Mgmt restricted Linux shell.