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Sun Network QDR InfiniBand Gateway Switch

Product Notes for Firmware Version 2.0

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1.  Sun InfiniBand QDR Gateway Switch Product Notes

Known Problems

General Information and Issues

Reserved VLAN Identifiers

Jumbo Frames

Subnet Manager

Snapshot Dataset Information

Software Information and Issues

Main Board, Management Controller, and Chassis Serial Numbers

High Availability in Partitions

Email Alert Rules

Time Zone Support

Firmware Update Considerations

Host Software and Firmware

Symbol Errors on Internal Ports

Commands Available to Restricted Linux Shells

Hardware Information and Issues

Ethernet Support

Number of LAGs

Unusable Ports

Documentation Information and Issues

smpartition Command Guidelines

VNIC Configuration on Linux Hosts in Gateway Manual Mode

Corrections to Creating Virtual I/O Adapters (Oracle Solaris)

Set Up VIOAs (Oracle Solaris)

Configure IP Addresses on the Data Link (Oracle Solaris)

SNMP V3 Protocol Passwords

Features and Functionality Documented

Acquire the BXOFED Software

Acquire the ConnectX-2 Firmware

Upgrading the Gateway Firmware

Acquire the Gateway Firmware Package (CLI)

Upgrade the Gateway Firmware (CLI)

Hardware Information and Issues

Ethernet Support

The gateway supports 10 Gb/sec Ethernet networks.

The following table lists supported hardware to construct one splitter cable for 10 GbE networks.

Part Number
Quantity Needed
Optical splitter cable
10 GbE QSFP transceiver
10 GbE SFP+ transceiver

Number of LAGs

The gateway supports a maximum of 16 LAGs.

Unusable Ports

The ports covered by the Do Not Remove plastic tab are unusable at the time of this document. Do not remove the tab.