Package com.bea.netuix.servlets.manager.communities

Class Summary
CommunityContext The CommunityContext object serves as a cache container and accessor for community and membership information for a HttpSession.
CommunityInvitationContext The CommunityInvitationContext provides access to community invitation functionality scoped to a particular community and the currently authenticated user.
CommunityInvitationHelper The CommunityInvitationHelper object is used to access community invitation functionality.
CommunityRedirectionHelper The CommunityRedirectionHelper contains methods useful for redirecting to community error or registration pages, as well as methods for determining contextual information on a community error or registration page.
CommunityUserContext The CommunityUserContext serves as a cache container and accessor for community member information (community-specific user information shared across all communities) for a HttpSession and provides access to community API's out of scope of a specific CommunityContext object (methods not dealing with the currently authenticated principal and community creation).

Exception Summary
CommunityAccessRedirectionException This exception is thrown when the CommunityContext needs to affect a redirection, such as when the registration page must be used or when the community / member / membership is deactivated.
CommunityContextException This exception is thrown by the CommunityContext object when unexpected errors occur.

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