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public interface GenericTrackingControl
extends Serializable

Control from which tracking events may be configured, generated, and dispatched to the event service. A tracked event is one which may be persisted to the Portal BT_EVENT database tables.
Refer to the Portal documentation for details on how to configure the Event Service and Behavior Tracking. To persist events generated by this control, you must add the following to the list of 'persistedEventTypes' on the BehaviorTracking MBean: 'GenericTrackingEvent' For example, here are sample entries in the application's META-INF/application-config.xml:
You must also add your event type to the BT_EVENT_TYPE database table. Refer to the Behavior Tracking Event Tables section of the Portal Data Dictionary documentation. ( See )
The eventType is set as a property on the control. Additional properties are the XML persistence information for this event. See the property editor descriptions for more information on individual properties.
The Event itself is created when the control is instantiated, with the parmeters given as the control properties. You may then add additional attributes to the event with these control methods, and dispatch the event once (if) the event has been configured. It is not required to configure the event with additional attributes before dispatching it.
This control is NOT to be used with JWS, as it requires the HttpServletRequest object, which is unavailable from a JWS.
Control properties:

See Also
Event, EventService, TrackingEvent

Nested Class Summary
static interface GenericTrackingControl.GenericTrackingParams
          Define the properties for this control.
Method Summary
 void dispatch(javax.servlet.http.HttpServletRequest request)
          Dispatch a TrackingEvent.
 void setAttribute(String theKey, Serializable theValue)
          Set a named event attribute.

Method Detail


void dispatch(javax.servlet.http.HttpServletRequest request)
              throws P13nControlException
Dispatch a TrackingEvent. The type of event is specified on the control property.

request - The HttpServletRequest from the containing page
P13nControlException - if request is null, or if errors encountered dispatching event.


void setAttribute(String theKey,
                  Serializable theValue)
Set a named event attribute. Note the GenericTrackingControl doesn't allow removal and listing of attributes, since its underlying implementation requires the Request object, which isn't available until the event is dispatched.

theKey - the attribute name. Can not be null.
theValue - the value of the attribute.
NullPointerException - if theKey is null.

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