Class P13nCachedResource

  extended by
      extended by com.bea.p13n.entitlements.resource.P13nResource
          extended by com.bea.p13n.entitlements.resource.P13nCachedResource
All Implemented Interfaces
Serializable, Resource, SelfDescribingResource, SelfDescribingResourceV2
Direct Known Subclasses:
EnterpriseRoleResource, GlobalRoleResource, HierarchyRoleResource, LeafRoleResource, P13nLibraryResource, P13nSecurityResource, WebappRoleResource

public abstract class P13nCachedResource
extends P13nResource

This abstract class provides base functionality for resource hierarchies that participate in WLS security. In particular, these resources can be used to locate role and security policies that have previously been created against the same logical hierarchy. Applications will typically use subclasses in com.bea.p13n.entitlements.resource instead of extending this class directly.

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Serialized Form

Field Summary
protected static String P13N_SECURITY_RESOURCE_CACHE
          Cache the resource at application scope, so the application classloader can successfully free these objects during an app redeploy/undeploy
Fields inherited from class com.bea.p13n.entitlements.resource.P13nResource
empty, idDelimiter, initialCapability, libraryResourceId
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id, length, NO_PARENT, parent, resStr, SCOPE_RESOURCE_ACTION, values
Fields inherited from interface
Constructor Summary
          No Args constructor
P13nCachedResource(SecurityResource securityResource, String libraryResourceId, String initialCapability)
          Construct fields for security and library resources.
Method Summary
 Resource getParentResource()
 Resource makeParent()
          Make and return the logical hierarchical parent of this Resource
 String toString()
Methods inherited from class com.bea.p13n.entitlements.resource.P13nResource
getCapabilityName, getEntAppName, getKeys, getLibraryResourceId, getResourceName, getResourceScope, getSecurityResource, getType, getWebAppName, setInitialValues, setSecurityResource
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Field Detail


protected static final String P13N_SECURITY_RESOURCE_CACHE
Cache the resource at application scope, so the application classloader can successfully free these objects during an app redeploy/undeploy

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Constants Summary
Constructor Detail


public P13nCachedResource(SecurityResource securityResource,
                          String libraryResourceId,
                          String initialCapability)
Construct fields for security and library resources.


public P13nCachedResource()
No Args constructor

Method Detail


public Resource makeParent()
Description copied from class: P13nResource
Make and return the logical hierarchical parent of this Resource

makeParent in class P13nResource
Resource represents the logical parent. Null represents the root of a hierarchy.


public String toString()
Specified by:
toString in interface Resource
toString in class P13nResource


public Resource getParentResource()
Specified by:
getParentResource in interface Resource
getParentResource in class P13nResource

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