Class P13nLibraryResource

  extended by
      extended by com.bea.p13n.entitlements.resource.P13nResource
          extended by com.bea.p13n.entitlements.resource.P13nCachedResource
              extended by com.bea.p13n.entitlements.resource.P13nLibraryResource
All Implemented Interfaces
SecurityResource, Serializable, Resource, SelfDescribingResource, SelfDescribingResourceV2

public class P13nLibraryResource
extends P13nCachedResource
implements SecurityResource

The P13nLibraryResource class is used to represent an application defined resource for the runtime checking of role or security policies, which may be found scoped to a resource or a separate library.

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Serialized Form

Field Summary
Fields inherited from class com.bea.p13n.entitlements.resource.P13nCachedResource
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empty, idDelimiter, initialCapability, libraryResourceId
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id, length, NO_PARENT, parent, resStr, SCOPE_RESOURCE_ACTION, values
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Constructor Summary
P13nLibraryResource(String entAppName, String webAppName, String appResourceID, String capability, String libraryResourceID)
          Construct a resource to be used for location of security policies.
Method Summary
 int getResourceScope()
          Return the resource type of this class.
Methods inherited from class com.bea.p13n.entitlements.resource.P13nCachedResource
getParentResource, makeParent, toString
Methods inherited from class com.bea.p13n.entitlements.resource.P13nResource
getCapabilityName, getEntAppName, getKeys, getLibraryResourceId, getResourceName, getSecurityResource, getType, getWebAppName, setInitialValues, setSecurityResource
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Constructor Detail


public P13nLibraryResource(String entAppName,
                           String webAppName,
                           String appResourceID,
                           String capability,
                           String libraryResourceID)
Construct a resource to be used for location of security policies.

entAppName - Enterprise application name.
webAppName - Webapp name.
appResourceID - Application-defined resource taxonomy Id
capability - Optional application-defined capability to evaluate. If no capability name is specified, a policy with no capability name will be used if found.
Method Detail


public final int getResourceScope()
Return the resource type of this class.

Specified by:
getResourceScope in class P13nResource

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