Package com.bea.p13n.expression.operator

This package provides interfaces and classes for constructing expressions.


Interface Summary
BinaryOperator An interface for concrete binary operator classes.
UnaryOperator An interface for concrete unary operator classes.

Class Summary
ClassForName Implementation of the ClassForName operator.
ClassGetName Implementation of the ClassGetName operator.
ClassNewInstance Implementation of the ClassNewInstance operator.
If Implementation of the If operator.
Instanceof Implementation of the Instanceof operator.
MethodCall Implementation of the MethodCall operator.
ObjectGetClass Implementation of the ObjectGetClass operator.
ObjectHashCode Implementation of the ObjectHashCode operator.
ObjectToString Implementation of the ObjectToString operator.
Operator Base class for all Operators in the expression package.
SystemCurrentTimeMillis Implementation of the SystemCurrentTimeMillis operator.
SystemGetProperty Implementation of the SystemGetProperty operator.
Variable Implementation of the Variable operator.
VariableBinding Implementation of the VariableBinding operator.

Package com.bea.p13n.expression.operator Description

This package provides interfaces and classes for constructing expressions.

This package provides following class of operators to construct an expression. All the operators extend the base class Operator and implement either BinaryOperator or UnaryOperator depending on the type of operator (binary or unary).

See Also
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