Class UnknownResourceID

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public final class UnknownResourceID
extends ResourceID

Encapsulates a resource identifer of an unknown type.

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Constructor Summary
protected UnknownResourceID(ResourceIDBuilder builder)
Method Summary
protected  StringBuilder appendResourcePath(boolean canonicalResourceURN, StringBuilder buffer)
          Append the resource path of the referrent resource.
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Constructor Detail


protected UnknownResourceID(ResourceIDBuilder builder)

builder - the ResourceIDBuilder (must not be null)
Method Detail


protected StringBuilder appendResourcePath(boolean canonicalResourceURN,
                                           StringBuilder buffer)
Description copied from class: ResourceID
Append the resource path of the referrent resource.

Specified by:
appendResourcePath in class ResourceID
canonicalResourceURN - indicates if the canonical resource URN should be computed. Since this is no longer supported this should always be true.
buffer - the StringBuilder for the resource path of the referrent resource
the StringBuilder with the resource path of the referrent resource appended to it

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