Class Summary
InvalidResourceID Encapsulates an invalid resource identifier.
InvalidResourceType Identifies an invalid resource type.
ParentedResourceID Represents a ResourceID for resources that have parents.
ParentedResourceIDBuilder<T extends ParentedResourceID> Represents a ResourceIDBuilder for resources that have parents.
ParentedResourceType Represents the resource type for a parented resource.
ResourceEnvironment Interface for providing information about the environment of a resource.
ResourceID Abstract, opaque, persistent resource identifier.
ResourceIDBuilder<T extends ResourceID> Parses and builds a ResourceID.
ResourceIDBuilder.ParseContext Context for parsing a resource URN.
ResourceIDBuilderCache Caches ResourceIDBuilder class objects as SoftReferences.
ResourceType Abstract base for resource type identifiers.
UnknownResourceID Encapsulates a resource identifer of an unknown type.
UnknownResourceType Identifies an unknown resource type.
WebAppResourceID Base resource id for all resources that are scoped to a webapp
WebAppResourceIDBuilder<T extends WebAppResourceID> Base resource id builder for all resources that are scoped to a webapp

Exception Summary
InvalidResourceIDException Thrown if an invalid resource ID is accessed.
ResourceException Thrown if an exception occurred with a resource or ResourceID.
ResourceIDException Thrown if an exception occurred with a ResourceID.
ResourceTypeException Thrown if an exception occurred with a ResourceType.
UnsupportedResourceClassException Thrown if an unsupported resource Class was processed.
UnsupportedResourceTypeException Thrown if an unsupported or unknown ResourceType was processed.

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