Interface IRegistrationDataContext

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IBaseDataContext, IRegistrationData

public interface IRegistrationDataContext
extends IBaseDataContext, IRegistrationData

Object used to access all information about a consumer registration. The SPI implementation is responsible for the creation and implementation of IRegistrationDataContext objects. Once created, the RegistrationDataContext object will be used for the duration of the request. Multiple simultaneous requests accessing the registration data are likely, and the SPI implementation is responsible for handling any synchronization issues. Once created in the register() method, the consumer registration handle returned by getHandle() must remain the same, but the getState() method should always return the current correct value of the registration state. For example, if the modifyRegistration() method is called, subsequent calls to getHandle() must return the same handle that was returned when the IRegistrationDataContext object was created, but subsequent calls to getState() must return the updated state (if any).

Method Summary
 void modifyRegistration(IRegistrationData newRegistrationData, IConfigurationContext configContext, IRequestContext requestContext)
          Modifies the registration data associated with the consumer.
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getHandle, getState
Methods inherited from interface
getConsumerAgent, getConsumerModes, getConsumerName, getConsumerSupportedExtensions, getConsumerUserScopes, getConsumerWindowStates, getRegistrationPropertyValues, methodGetSupported

Method Detail


void modifyRegistration(IRegistrationData newRegistrationData,
                        IConfigurationContext configContext,
                        IRequestContext requestContext)
                        throws WSRPFaultException
Modifies the registration data associated with the consumer.

newRegistrationData - the registration data the consumer sent on the modifyRegistration call which is the new data the consumer wishes to use for registration.
configContext -
requestContext -
WSRPFaultException - if the operation failed for any reason. The exception can be created using the IConfigurationContext.createWsrpFaultException() method.

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