Interface Summary
IBaseDataContext Base class for containing data about a portlet instance or consumer registration.
IConfigurationContext Allows access to producer configuration information.
ILocalizedString A localized string, with a value and a locale.
IPortletDataContext Object used to access all information about a portlet instance.
IProducerDataStore Interface for a consumer registration and portlet instance store.
IPropertyDescription Contains a consumer registration property description.
IRegistrationData Class for containing data about a consumer registration.
IRegistrationDataContext Object used to access all information about a consumer registration.
IRequestContext Container for information about the specific request.
IUserContext Represents data of the "userContext" element, which is described in the WSRP specification.
IUserProfile Contains information about a user profile.

Enum Summary

Exception Summary
WSRPFaultException The producer is responsible for the creation and implementation of this object.

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