4.8. Preparing and Configuring Storage Repositories

4.8.1. Creating a Storage Repository
4.8.2. Presenting or Unpresenting a Storage Repository
4.8.3. Editing a Storage Repository
4.8.4. Deleting a Storage Repository

You use Oracle VM Manager to create and configure storage repositories, and to present one or more storage repositories to Oracle VM Servers in a server pool. This chapter discusses the flow of the operations you perform after the discovery of your physical storage hardware, LUNs, file systems and so on, in order to make a storage repository available to the Oracle VM Servers in your server pool. Once the storage repository is accessible, you can start adding storage resources and building VMs with those resources.

Depending on the configuration of Oracle VM Servers in your environment, restrictions may apply to the creation of storage repositories:

Oracle VM Manager allows you to perform a number of management operations on the storage repositories under its control. Table 4.2, “Storage Repository Management Operations” describes the possible operations at the level of a storage repository. To access these functions in Oracle VM Manager, open the Home view, select Server Pools and go to the Repositories tab.


Storage repositories are presented to individual servers, meaning that not all repositories are necessarily available for example when you deploy a VM on a specific Oracle VM Server. To see which servers have access to a storage repository, select the repository in the table and verify the access status on the right-hand side.

Table 4.2. Storage Repository Management Operations



Create repository

See Section 4.8.1, “Creating a Storage Repository”.

Present repository

  1. Select a repository in the table and click Present-Unpresent.

  2. In the Present Repository dialog box, use the arrow buttons to determine to which Oracle VM Servers the current repository should be presented (or not presented).

  3. Click OK to save your changes.

See Section 4.8.2, “Presenting or Unpresenting a Storage Repository”.

Edit repository

  1. Select a repository in the table and click Edit.

  2. In the Edit Repository dialog box you can make the following changes:

    Name: edit the name of the selected repository.

    Description: optionally enter a more elaborate description of the selected repository.

    Release Ownership: select this check box to allow the repository to be used by another Oracle VM Manager.

  3. Click OK to save the changes to the storage repository.

See Section 4.8.3, “Editing a Storage Repository”.

Delete repository

  1. Select a repository in the table and click Delete.

  2. Click OK to execute the delete operation.

See Section 4.8.4, “Deleting a Storage Repository”.

Refresh repository

Select a repository in the table and click Refresh.

Oracle VM Manager re-checks the disk contents of the selected repository. Any detected changes will be reflected in the various content tabs (Assemblies, ISO files, ...) of the storage repository.

Discover existing repository

If for any reason a storage repository exists on one of your storage providers, but is not visible in Oracle VM Manager – for example if the Oracle VM Manager host was reinstalled or the storage provider went down or moved to a different address – you can click Discover to detect pre-existing storage repository contents on the storage providers controlled by Oracle VM Manager.