1.4. Oracle VM for x86

1.4.1. Oracle VM Integrated Support

Oracle VM for x86 (Oracle VM) is a platform that provides a fully equipped environment with all the latest benefits of virtualization technology. Oracle VM enables you to deploy operating systems and application software within a supported virtualization environment. The components of Oracle VM are:

Figure 1.1, “Oracle VM Architecture” shows the components of Oracle VM.

Figure 1.1. Oracle VM Architecture

Oracle VM Architecture

Oracle VM Manager is an Oracle WebLogic Server application running on Oracle Linux. This can be a standalone computer, or part of a virtual machine running on an instance of Oracle VM Server.

Oracle VM Server is installed on a bare metal computer, and contains the Oracle VM Agent to manage communication with Oracle VM Manager. Dom0 is an abbreviation for domain zero, the management domain with privileged access to the hardware and device drivers. DomU is an unprivileged domain with no direct access to the hardware or device drivers. A user-domain (domU) is started and managed on an Oracle VM Server by dom0.