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Oracle Identity Analytics User's Guide 11g Release 1
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1.  Oracle Identity Analytics Overview

2.  Using the Oracle Identity Analytics User Interface

3.  The Home Page

4.  My Settings

5.  My Requests

6.  Identity Warehouse

7.  Identity Certification

8.  Identity Audit

9.  Reports

Understanding the Reports User Interface

The Dashboard

Sign Off Reports

Ad Hoc Reports

Schedule Reports

Custom Reports

Working With Reports

To Schedule Reports

To Sign Off on Reports

Defining Business Structure Reports

To Generate Business Structure Reports

Defining System Reports

To Generate System Reports

Defining Identity Audit Reports

To Generate Identity Audit Reports

Defining Custom Reports

To Run Custom Reports

Defining System Reports

System reports are further classified as follows:

  1. Roles reports

  2. Policy reports

  3. User reports

  4. Exception reports

  5. Forecast reports

The different system reports that can be generated are described in the following tables.

System Reports > Roles Reports
Role Policies Report
Lists the roles and associated policies of different applications within those roles.
Roles Users Report
Lists all roles and assigned users.
System Reports > Policy Reports
Policy Roles Report
Lists the roles in a policy.
Policy Resource Types Report
Lists policies by resource type.
Policy Attributes Report
Lists the attributes in a policy.
System Reports > User Reports
Policies Attribute Report
Lists the attributes in a policy.
User Business Unit Report
Lists the business units under a user.
User Role Report
Lists the roles under a user.
User Role Business Structure Report
Lists the business structures under a role, which is under a user.
User Application Report
Lists the applications under a user.
User Account Report
Lists the accounts under a user.
User Role-Based Access Report
Lists the attributes under a policy in a resource type under a user.
System Reports > Exception Reports
Operational Exception Report
Reports the missing data required for correlations in Oracle Identity Analytics.
Import Validation Report
A set of reports displaying the data that has not been imported into Oracle Identity Analytics from the daily scheduled dumps.
System Reports > Forecast Reports
Expiration Forecast Report
The report contains three subreports: User expiration, Role expiration, and User-Role Association expiration. It provides a list of all the expirations occurring in the current week.

To Generate System Reports

  1. Log in to Oracle Identity Analytics.

  2. Choose Reports > Ad Hoc Reports.

  3. Click System Reports and refer to the previous tables to determine the section.

  4. Click the section and click Run against the Report Name that you want to view.

    The report is displayed.

  5. Click the Actions drop-down menu for options to export the file in other formats.

    Formats include PDF, XLS, CSV, HTML, XML, and print.

  6. (Optional) To download the report, click Download in either the Download PDF Report column or the Download CSV Report column.